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I guess I can't ask basic questions in the forum for this game without the comments being deleted by the mod:

What is the deal here?

Basically this game has two regional revisions:
-"Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo" (USA, World, Asia) - This is a very hard game
-"Super Street Figher 2:X Grand Master Challenge" (Japan) - This isn't as difficult as SSF2:Turbo.

So, this site has a track for "Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo" but instead of allowing people to actually play "Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo" the rules specify that is must be played on "Super Street Figher 2:X Grand Master Challenge".

But not only that, it also specifies that you have to play revision 940223 which is a version that was replaced two weeks later by version 940311 (which is the PCB revision you will find that the vast majority of them are!).

Anyone with half a brain can look at this track and say "The leaderboard should be called "Super Street Figher 2:X Grand Master Challenge" because that's the actual game you are allowed to play instead of the harder "Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo". And if the track is for "Super Street Figher 2:X Grand Master Challenge" then the revisions of the game need to be allowed are "Japan 940223 and Japan 940311".

Am I crazy?

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