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today one of my friends got a ban on the site - his nickname is jackpro. They sent him a reason in the mail - he allegedly wished death to someone and somewhere. what kind of nonsense is this .. he had runs with violations or he is here in public offended everyone or something else, no. in this regard, I would like to know what it is all about. how moderators can know how a person behaves outside the site. where is the evidence. and here, besides me, other speedrunners will unsubscribe. who also directly know this user and communicate every day and have not been noticed in any calls for murder and other things. if necessary. please deal with this.

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Idk about this much, but I do know the site rules state: “In addition, while we are not seeking to police people's Twitch, Twitter, Discord, and other social medias, we may issue bans for the following regardless of if it is on-site or off-site conduct. As with the above list, this is by no means exhaustive.”

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I read the rules, so I asked for evidence of some terrible actions outside the site and an explanation for the ban. This is a very funny precedent. I may not like someone for any reason. I love chocolate too much or don't like some city or something like that and I get banned for it. that's very funny.


logically, I can report anyone if I see that he wished for death, for some reason (even as a joke) and he will be banned, and this despite the fact that it was in discord?
sorry but sounds like joke, sr com what are the moderators doin before passing a sentence?, i for almost a week I sought to ban a cheater, and here a person was banned so easily, without any explanations (you banned) explanations- because.
or there were very convincing proofs, such as a photo of a man with a knife in a clown costume behind the victim, or at least threatening correspondence, or video with threatening words.
why do I need rivals if i can photoshop the correspondence from some service like discord, with the person I compete with in some game, i can just ban him = ez top1 , big brain moment

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that is, absolutely any account (except for a supporter, I suspect) can be banned simply by leaving an anonymous complaint that supposedly this person said something wrong somewhere? 🙃 This leaves a huge space for trolls, because someone's years of work can simply be sent to the trash, providing "proof" drawn in Photoshop.

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Any information about off-site conduct leaves room for mistakes, misinterpretations and fakes just because you cannot positively identify who's registered under a nickname or verify any info. You basically have to trust a reporting person who may have their own interests and intentions. What about a benefit of the doubt?

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seriously?) well, let's ban everyone without explaining the reasons and say, "oh, yes, I don't care, they banned and banned and you don't need to know the reasons") if possible, write to other site moderators, because this should be stopped. It's just a shame.

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I could write to other moderators of the site, but it is the starsmiley who is responsible for the player bans, the rest will say something like "This is not my job", also you will not find evidence because they were removed lmao

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This is a speedrun forum thread of all time

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the situation cleared up. banned for a joke taken out of context on twitch. Unban will be in April. This was achieved with the help of "Comrade_s". And other people who are not indifferent) Thank you all for this. A complaint about jack pro was sent specifically by one user who dislikes him-TGR (user login) The user himself has been seen hating Ukrainians more than once, has a permanent ban on twitch and in other disgusting statements and thus just wanted to make something unpleasant. Be careful what you say on twitch or elsewhere. Any hater can just file a complaint and you can get banned from twitch here too. Even for a phrase taken out of context.


Wait can you be banned from this site for offsite behavior?

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This site really does suck shit. Hopefully they don't remove runs over that at least. (No, I didn't read it).

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