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Cheers. It's a shame you couldn't link the sub-game where all the times are currently recorded. But I'll manually move everything over.

EDIT: Just a secondary request to finish up this mess! lol!
I've completed moving everything over to the CE board -

So could you DELETE the Following Board: >>> <<<
As this was the original. The community seems to be fine with losing run progression, so there's no reason to have a duplicate board now that our CE board is set up 🙂

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I would like "Final Fantasy IV: The Darkness Within" categorized with FFIV as the base game.

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Clustertruck Category Extensions got approved but did not get the Category Extension selected as a game type. Thank you.

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  LyrenLyren - This needs to be marked as a modification of "Half-Life 2: Episode Two" - Thanks.

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I would like to request Category Extentions for Fractured Minds -


@DreamRiftyDreamRifty you need to request category extensions pages through the normal game request queue.

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Hello, I moderate the game Age of Civilizations 2 but the name of the game was currently changed to "Age of History 2".
Could you please change the Age of Civilizations 2 and it's category extensions to Age of History 2?

Main leaderboard:
Category Extensions:

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  [user deleted] please mark this as webgame thanks!

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(edited: ) would like to be added to the Thomas The Tank Engine series because the series' mod hasn't been online since 4 YEARS. Thanks!

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Hello. Could I please get marked as webgame and mobile? Thanks.

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Could you tag as Mobile and add it to the minesweeper series?

And as a multi-game

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Following up on a post/request I made a couple weeks ago -

A site mod indicated that they did not have time to get to this at that time, and I just want to make sure this doesn't get buried in this thread and forgotten


If possible, could a mod set to an actual category extension of

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Hello. Would like to be the category extension of please. Would also like it to get the webgame tag please. Thanks

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Hello, I am a mod for Escape From Yavin 4 (EFROYA). EFROYA is a modification of the game Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, however, we are wanting to switch that page to a Jedi Knight Modifications leaderboard (as we are already using it as such). I have talked with the series mod Vryndar and the community on wanting to change the page to incorporate all Jedi Knight mods (Dark Forces, Dark Forces 2, Mysteries of the Sith, Outcast, and Academy) onto this leaderboard. Here is the leaderboard link: . We would like the name of the Game to change to "Jedi Knight Modifications" and the game type to be represented as a modification still but also be able to select multi-game series, if possible. I have appended screenshots for reference. Thank you!

Screenshot #1:
Screenshot #2:

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Requesting game name to be changed from 'LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (DS)' to 'LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game (DS)'

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Hello, can "Mini Jumps" ( be tagged as a webgame

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I would like to request an addition to the platforms 'PS2 HDD' there are close to 100 games which support installation onto the HDD of the PS2 Phat consoles which saves alot of time on load screens. My main speedgame Kingdom Hearts has recently allowed HDD consoles to be listed with normal PS2 runs and we want to help our audience filter runs by whatever respected consoles they desire.