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Please delete this game:

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remove Minigame/Gamemode of Destroy All Humans! 2: Make War Not Love
and rename to Destroy All Humans! 2 Java, Please

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Hello, we would like the dlc/expansion section added to pc building simulator as dlc has been added and we have been asked if speed running it is a possibility


Hey, can I ask you to add the Category Extensions tag to ?


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@TegronTegron I've changed the name to the name @PlayboiiPlayboii requested underneath your message.
@BandolerasBandoleras We don't delete leaderboards because a moderator is inactive. If you want to become moderator of the leaderboard, please use this thread instead:
@7eraser77eraser7 Done
@PlayboiiPlayboii Done
@KoolDoobKoolDoob Done
@ElTreagoElTreago Done
@shinuushinuu Done. And for your second request as it is an obvious change, done as well.
@mm Done
@kyrawr83kyrawr83 Done
@fuzziboyfuzziboy Please make a game request to request a new leaderboard:
@cybersonicstarzx655cybersonicstarzx655 Done
@Genkii123Genkii123 Done
@toca_1toca_1 Done
@MiphaMipha Done
@GameguySDGameguySD Please use the request form to request a leaderboard, in this case a Category Extensions leaderboard:
@AdamLikeScarsAdamLikeScars Done
@MasterCactaurMasterCactaur Done
@seckswrecksseckswrecks Done
@GustavoPredadorGustavoPredador Done
@EiimEiim Done
@HakoHako Could you provide the reason for the deletion of the leaderboard? As it seems there is still a run up on the leaderboard which will be deleted as well. Is this okay?
@11 Added as a CE leaderboard. Although, the CE tag won't appear as sub-game underneath the Minecraft Bedrock leaderboard. Is this okay? As we can't tag leaderboards as 'subgame'. Only the following game types will show underneath the sub-game tab: ROM Hack, Modification, Fangame, Prerelease, Expansion/DLC, Minigame/Gamemode,Server/Map.
@GustavoPredadorGustavoPredador Done
@OmegaPulse25OmegaPulse25 Are you requesting a new leaderboard for the DLC content? If so, please request it here:
@TegronTegron Done


Haven't done @Joester98Joester98 request yet as I am short on time.

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Hello and thanks, I'd like to add to @PlayboiiPlayboii 's request
Could you change title "Reksio i Czarodzieje" to "Reksio i Czarodzieje (Rex and the Wizards)". It would be easier for people outside of Poland to find it then.
Thank you ( ;

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Hey,would it be possible if you could add the "Category Extension" from Clash of Clans to the left site where the leaderboard etc is so users can click on it 🙂

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I'd like this leaderboard to be tagged as a fangame, and marked as an unofficial release. Thanks 😄

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Thank you ❤️

  WastelandwalkerWastelandwalker the dev of the game desided that they should remove one word from the title so instead of Get In Harmony the game is now known as In Harmony (yes the tab for the mircosoft store still says get in harmony idk why this is) i hope this is enough info and thank your for taking the time to do this 🙂

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Requesting the following game be renamed to Dadish (Switch/PC)

Requesting the following game be renamed to Dadish 2 (Switch/PC)

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Hello, I would like to rename "The Menkyo Shutoku Simulator" to "The Menkyo Shutoku Simulation"

The source is here:

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(edited: )
Please could Add Category Extension of Destroy All Humans! -
And rename to Destroy All Humans! 2 Make War Not Love

Edit: put the URL of DaH 1 as DaH! or DaH1

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I would like to request the implementation of a consistent naming scheme for the Go, Diego, Go! series ( The series name, as written on the series page and pretty much all official media, is written with commas and an exclamation point (Go, Diego, Go!). This punctuation is absent from and, and the Go, Diego, Go! title is missing entirely from the start of For, the official title should be Mega Bloks Diego's Build and Rescue. should be classified as a webgame (it's a Flash game).


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Hi, The DaH community decided to avoid creating 3 games from the java trilogy, these games are official but are unknown

Please Rename Destroy All Humans! 2 Java to Destroy All Humans! Mobile Games

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Hello I would like Soul Knight and Soil knight catagory exenstenison to be under the same series, aswell as feature on the main soulknight page if possible

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Hey there! Requesting Category Extension Board for "Bully: Scholarship Edition" - I created a whole new board in terms of it a long time ago, since being denied category extensions. If we could get that, I could manually transfer all the runs over, that'd be super duper rad.