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Rename to "Cotton 2:Magical Night Dreams (Arcade)"

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Hello. I am a series mod for the Banjo series game and a moderator for the Multiple Rareware Games leaderboard.
Recently we have decided to merge the BKBT leaderboard ( ) into the MRG leaderboard ( I would like to request for the BKBT leaderboards to be deleted and for the Multiple Rareware Games leaderboard to be added as a multi game to the Banjo series.
Thank you

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Hi, I submitted a game recently, the name is "Dentures and Demons 2" but it has been registered as "Dentures and Demon 2", can you change it?
The official site of the game developer is if you want to check

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Hello, can this be tagged as a rom hack of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: ty!

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@FrostyNPFrostyNP There is no unofficial release tag.


@FrostyNPFrostyNP Yes, that doesn't exist. Webgames are automatically filtered as unofficial, but there is no "unofficial" tag.

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Could be added as the category extensions of please? Just needs to be checked as such & added to the main board as a link. Also, would it be possible to remove Sub-Games from both boards?

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Hey, i have an inquiry.
A few members of the MCBE Speedrun - community have created an Unofficial Category Extensions board with a bunch of small memey categories ( ). They have asked if it would be possible to create a MCBE Category Extensions+ linked to MCBE and merge those existing runs and categories onto SRC with them as moderators / verifiers. With recent leaderboard changes and our pending queue being above 400 for a while until now, it wouldn't be too smart for us to add over 10 new categories to our existing CE board, even if we did add more moderators.

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Could we have the Left 4 Mario and Tour of Terror games removed from the Left 4 Dead series? They are very old leaderboards for custom campaigns within the game that have since been moved into the category extensions section.
Left 4 Mario -
Tour of Terror -

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  [user deleted]
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Hello, could be added as a category extension of Thanks!

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Category Extensions Request - Clash of Clans

We have formed an all-new Moderation team, and over the last 6 months have rebuilt a neglected and highly inactive game to become a small but strong and growing community with daily run submissions, an active Discord and daily Tweets. We have removed obsolete runs and created several new categories including Town Hall Any% and Finish Battles which are very popular and regularly attract new site registrations.

We are receiving player requests for newer parts of the game which were added since the original sr.c game request. which are the Single Player Practice, and SuperTroop Playground levels, both with multiple variables. We feel that these would be more correctly categorized and accessible on a Category Extension Board.

We already have a complete 75 run Level Leaderboard which we do not want to extend or make confusing.

We also have two full game categories, Goblin Pentathlon and Goblin Decathlon, which would really be more suited to be in Category Extensions.

NB We have a significant proportion of very young players, and need to keep it all as simple as possible.
We have tried using the Misc. tab in the past but the users found it difficult to locate the runs.

Happy to discuss by PM or on our discord if you need more info.

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Category extensions request. Also it should be mark as Mobile.

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Hello, can I get Super Metroid GBA Edition added as a ROM Hack of Metroid: Zero Mission. I asked a few weeks ago and my post was liked but it doesn't look like it was updated, so I'm just asking a 2nd time just to make sure it wasn't overlooked or anything and lost in the process of being added.


New Game:
ROM Hack of this game:

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Heyo can Bomber Friends be tagged as a fangame? tyty

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@ElTreagoElTreago Can you DM me on site about this? I'm not sure I understand what you are asking.
@WhatsFrogWhatsFrog Done
@KaiKai. Done
@TheMasterTheMaster DM'd on site
@GarshGarsh Done
@whiggy69whiggy69 please submit a CE request through the game request page
@HiPeRDustYHiPeRDustY please submit a CE request through the game request page. And marked as Mobile
@noxiousnicknoxiousnick fixed
@livelyraccoonlivelyraccoon Done

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please mark as modification for
mark as modification (if possible don't attach to game), otherwise attach to doom2

Though I don't moderate BD - I do moderate game series and want it gone from main series.

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I moderate the Openbound games, and have decided to migrate all runs from the Part 2 and 3 pages onto the Part 1 page for tidier categorizing - can the title of Openbound Part 1 be changed to just "Openbound" please? Thank you. Once this is done, I will delete the Part 2 and 3 pages.
Also could it be tagged as a webgame please? Thanks again!

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