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Requesting PlatinumQuest to be added to the Marble Blast series and be tagged as a modification of Marble Blast Gold.

Also, although I'm not a moderator for Marble Blast Platinum, I'd like this game to be tagged as a modification of Marble Blast Gold as well.

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Can "Multiple Valve Games" be added as a "multi-game" game type and as part of both the "Half-Life series" and "Portal series"


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Can Sonic CD (2011) be added as a 'Mobile' game type please?


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@GustavoPredadorGustavoPredador that will be resolved once those tags have been updated. Do you want me to remove the Expansion/DLC tag for the time being?

@WalgreyWalgrey would be good to have one of the moderators for platinum request that change.

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I need a modification to There is a typo on the name of it as well as I would like it to be marked as a category extension board. Thank you

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It's been posted before but I'd like to have a check on it again.

Requesting review of from Google’s Webmasters Tools.

Google kept marking things harmful whenever people wanted to click anything from that page even after I removed the source of causing.

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as a kind of follow up to @shinuushinuu request, could the sticky ninja series have "show unofficial releases" on by default since all the games have tags?

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@ShadowDraftShadowDraft l didn't know, can continue Expansion/DLC thanks


@LonerHeroLonerHero it looks like all subpages are marked still. I've forwarded it to Elo.


terribly sorry to bother you all but I've got a bit of a complected situation here. How do I go about getting a franchise added?

I'm a mod for Robotech Battlecry and our other mod is the mud for both Macross games that are currently on the site. We have talked about at some point trying and all three games into a single franchise considering the closeness and other things regarding both. (I'll drop a link to the wiki for both if requested).

Anyway is there anyone I should talk to about this as they just got done a speedrun for 1 of the other 2 games for the Robotech franchise Robotech invasion and we've been trying to figure out the best way to handle things on it.

Again sorry to trouble you all but couldn't think of the best way to ask about it.

Anyway thank you all for taking the time to read this and help.


Could Zera: Myths Awaken be put as a Prerelease and removed from Fangame, thanks.

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Could you please set the discord link on the Forum of this series to

Thanks for your attention!

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@MageiusMageius I'm not certain what your actual request is. If you'd like to request a series for those games then you'll have to do that via:


Requesting a New Series

A new series must be requested by a moderator of at least one game within that series. We are requiring that there are at least three games in the series already on sr.c before we will even consider a series request.


Could you also remove on this series ClingingTomcat8's Forum post with the old discord link?

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Can be tagged as a rom-hack of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom, and be tagged as a rom-hack of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie? Ty!

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Hello SRcom staff!

I would like to request a small change to the H3VR (Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades) game information.
It'd be good to add the Minigame/Gamemode category, considering that the game is a series of different maps and gamemodes put into one hub.

Currently there's two gamemodes that speedrun categories are planned for.
Thank you!

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Would like to change the name of to "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game - Complete Edition" The reason being that it has the proper punctuation and capitalization (Evidence being ).

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Hello. I would like to request get the prerelease and webgame tags. I have been meaning to do this for a while, but life got in the way and I needed to deal with that. But now I have time so I think it is best for this game to get tagged.

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