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A while back I had the 3 Shinobido games made into a series, but immediately after that I was removed from as mod from the series before I could update the logo and theme. Can someone add this logo to the Shinobido Series? No rush. If this is the wrong place to request this, can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Shinobido Series -
Logo -

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Hi, it would be great if Nuclear Bike could be tagged as a web game, as it was a flash game but we now play it on a client because flash was gotten rid of.

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there are two "Micro Machines V3" on the site, could we rename this one to "Micro Machines V3 (GBC)" please. thanks.

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@OmegaPulse25OmegaPulse25 a DLC board has to be requested the same way as a regular game request.

@OscillatingOcelotsOscillatingOcelots same for CE boards, those have to be requested via game request too.

@zacharylawrencezacharylawrence it's only possible to link a single game, so I left the field open for now.


Can the game page be deleted as I thought there was a difference in versions but there isn't.

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Can this get the "fan game" tag please? Thanks in advance.

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Could Bad Piggies - be added to the Angry Birds Series - Under Bad Piggies official wiki the game is categorized to be apart of the Angry Birds series. Source - Thanks!

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Hi. Can
Be renamed to Floppy Minecraft(Bad Minecraft) as the game has 2 names and since a video was made on it they are using the other name instead of the current name, so it would be best to do this to avoid confusion.

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Hello, could be tagged as a Category Extensions board please?
We are still discussing the details of how we want the board to operate, so there's not much there currently, but I hope that isn't an issue. Thank you.

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When someone gets a chance could be tagged as Category Extensions of please?


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Hello, can you please change the name of the game from "Madness: Project Nexus" to "Madness: Project Nexus (Classic)"
Game Link:


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Greetings. I'd like to ask to change the title of a game I moderate from "LEGO Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui" to "Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui".

The reason for this change is internal consistency within the Bionicle series, as none of the other games there have the "LEGO" prefix.

Game link:

Thanks in advance.

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Hello, could the name of the game be changed from "Ford Racing" to "Ford Racing 2001"
Thank you in advance.

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Hi, could someone link this category to Heroes of Might and Magic III and modify their Game Type? Someone asked for the category and has runs this time.

HoMM III: In-Game Days Category as a Category Extension.

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Hello, could you set to be a mobile game? Thank you

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Hey there, can you please set Red Faction Fighter to be a modification of Red Faction?

Red Faction Fighter:

Red Faction:

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Could be placed as official content please, appears as unofficial content

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Requesting PlatinumQuest to be added to the Marble Blast series and be tagged as a modification of Marble Blast Gold.

Also, although I'm not a moderator for Marble Blast Platinum, I'd like this game to be tagged as a modification of Marble Blast Gold as well.

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Can "Multiple Valve Games" be added as a "multi-game" game type and as part of both the "Half-Life series" and "Portal series"


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