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I would like to request the SD2SNES and/or FXPAK to be added as a platform. We recently did some testing to see if it would be viable to be used for original Game Boy speedrunning as they just added an SGB2 mode to it. This opens up the GB system a lot more to people with that setup and quite a few submissions have already been entering the leaderboards by people who use it. As GBI is also in the list of platforms, it makes sense to add the SD2SNES/FXPAK as well for easier review by the moderators.

For results I gladly direct you to this sheet:

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Hello, I would like to request that the Kao Multiruns board ( ) has the Multi-game tag added to it, thanks 🙂

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I'd like to have this leaderboard tagged as a webgame, thanks!

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Hey I was wondering if I can get Romancing saga 2 added to the SaGa series I have gotten the ok from the moderator of the game that it can be added to the games list also I am the game series moderator


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I have a series of Bomberman-like unofficial fan webgames that I would like to add under a "Bomb It Series" umbrella, but as part of the Bomberman series I can't add each game and have categories for each (5 Levels, 10 Levels, 15 Levels, 20 Levels, etc). I'm not super familiar with how all of this works, so sorry if I've overlooked something. If it needs to be its own series separate from Bomberman or shouldn't be part of the site at all it's not a problem


Also Yashichi and I are discussing to change bomb it series to Multiple Bomb It Games and marked all 7 games in the series as sub game in Multiple Bomb It Games. I don't know if it works or not.


Or make a new series of this game.


I moderate Totally Accurate Battle Simulator ( ) And I'd like the 'Webgame' game type removed if possible. At one point the pre-alpha was available on the developer's website but the current game mode is only on Steam and consoles, so it doesn't need to be tagged as such.
Thanks very much.

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Hello, the base game that Zonaco requires is Monaco.


Hey, been here before.

I'm a long-time runner for multiple NFS games and a rather well-known member of the NFS community.
It has recently come to my attention that the name of "Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered" is capitalized incorrectly.
I brought this up to the game and series mods and well, they obviously can't change that, I get that, and back then I didn't think bothering you with a single capitalization change like that would be appropriate at all.
Today however, I checked if any other games in the series had "For" instead of "for" and it turns out there are 4 official NFS titles affected by this error:
NFS: Heat, NFS: Hot Pursuit Remastered, NFS: Carbon Own The City (GBA/DS) and NFS:Undercover (PSP)
Additionally, the category extensions also have "For" in their name.

I know it's a small vanity thing, but if it's not too much of a bother I'd like to request the change of all these 5 capitalized "F" letters in "For" into small "f"s.
Since I'm not a mod myself - my guess is you'll ask Failracer for confirmation on this change.


Didn't touch the Bomberman stuff - seems like it needs to be discussed out. Handled the rest.

@wortexwortex - I normally would have asked the moderators of the game, but for a few reasons: First, For to for is a very minor change, and secondly, official resources I found do indicate that "for" is correct. In addition, standard naming convention does tend to not capitalize words like "for" in a name. All combined points to this being an obvious change. If I missed a game, throw it in a new post in this thread.

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can these boards:

Be a part of this series:

I'm a mod on all the above, Thanks!

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Hello. Would like to be a modification of Minecraft: Bedrock edition please. Thanks

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Hello, the GBA and DS boards will be seperated and as such the games affected need a change to their titles: &


@ShadowDraftShadowDraft Yes, the link became broken for some reason though.

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Hi there, I think should receive an update for speedrunning Torghast from the new expac, such as Horrific Visions were added in last expac.

(in Misc.)


Hello, can somebody please mark this as "fangame", and add its japanese name (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険~7人目のスタンド使い~)? Thanks!

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Can the platform FireTV be added?

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@ShiinyuShiinyu could you explain your two posts a bit more?

@PrrismaticPrrismatic that will have to be added by the game moderators.


I'd like to request the title of being changed from CHUNITHM AMAZON PLUS to simply CHUNITHM AMAZON. The two game are separate skews, however they share nearly every characteristic with the exception of minor cosmetic things and additional options, neither of which affect how the run would play out, so either version of the game can be accepted as a run. A variable can be used to differentiate the two, but they should still share the same board. You can see more info from (JP) about the differences between the two skews.

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