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What do you mean by "evidence"?

  Bob-chickenBob-chicken Tagged as a server/map of Minecraft bedrock

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can rogue soul 2 be added as a web game?
I'm the supermoderator of the game.

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@RubberDuckyAssassinRubberDuckyAssassin there is no game like that on sr.c ? If you want to have it added then you'll have to do it via:

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I'd like to request the Webgame designation for:

Pac-Man (Scratch):

I'd also like to request the Fangame designation for:

Not Pac-Man:

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(edited: )

Like the game @Joester98Joester98 mentioned The name should be Pacman HD (Scratch).

Also I changed the URL the one I used is the correct one

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Would like
To get the mobile tag please. Thanks.

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Hi, could someone link this category to Heroes of Might and Magic III and modify their Game Type?

HoMM III: In-Game Days Category as a Category Extension.

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This was brought up in a submission, but regarding platforms, the site does not have 3DS XL, New 3DS XL, 2DS, or New 2DS XL. I'm not sure whether or not you want to have all the variations on the site, but currently there is only 3DS and New 3DS. I'm not necessarily pushing for them to be added, but just mentioning it in case any of those are something that should be added


Hello ! Can someone add this game To be the Category extension of this game Thank you 🙂

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Hi, I was recently added to Metroid NES as a new Super Moderator as our old one deleted his account. I also am added on as a moderator on the Metroid Category Extensions page . It however, was not included in the Metroid series when they created it, and I was wondering if we could get that added to it? Thank you for your help.

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Would like to add Pokemon Rumble Weekend Edition as a Fangame of Pokemon Rumble I hope I did it right this time :3

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Hey, I'm not sure why this was removed. But can someone readd this game back into the "Windows Series" (you can keep it a part of the "Tetris Series" too)

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@Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer due to the game not being a native one that comes with Windows and a request by the series mods it was removed.


Hi there, about this leaderboard:
Firstly, can you please change the "Game type" into "Modification" with the base game being "Sonic Generations", since it's basically a mod of this game?
Secondly, can you adjust the game title into "Sonic Generations - Unleashed Project"? The reason we want this change is that we heard a few times people had troubles finding this leaderboards, and we think this name will work better, as people will often associate this mod with Generations rather than with Unleashed. It is also the name stated on the official mod release site:
Thanks in advance!

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hi i would like to request that the base game for job simulator category extensions to be set to job simulator please

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Hello. I would like
To get the web game tag and to be Renamed “The McDonald’s Video Game (Fangame)”. Thanks

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