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Hey guys, its me again.
I want to add this game as a Super Mario World romhack.


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Adjusting Game Title
I would like the name of the game "Plop en de penguin" to be changed to "Plop en de Pinguïn".
This change is because of incorrect spelling.

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can you please add the category extension tag to

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I would like to request the title of to be changed from "Haunt the House (2010)" to just "Haunt the House", as there is no need to state the release date on the title because there isn't any other game with the same name that it can be mistaken for.

The only other game in the series is "Haunt the House: Terrortown" ( ), which makes it clear in the title that it's a different game.


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  Bob-chickenBob-chicken Can it be renamed to Ninja Roy: infinite

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Hey, has Backwards Compatible PS3 as a platform been suggested? I verify for Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, and having BCPS3 as an option can be super helpful with our current mod discussions. I ask for BCPS3 as it is similar to WiiVC in the sense that you use a Wii to play an older system's games, and also there is a PS3 version of Sly 1. A lot of other games could really use this feature too


Hello. I would like
To be put as a category extensions for the cooking mama series. Thanks.

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I am a moderator and runner for "The Adventures of Batman and Robin" on the SNES. I just recently got Super-Mod status, because the former quit. Currently there are 3 categories for this game: SNES, GENESIS/Megadrive and Mega-CD. The problem is, that these aren't just different categories, in fact they are completely different games. Since there are a lot of active runners on the GENESIS version of the game, i suggest splitting the game in 2 different pages. I am willing to keep my Super-Mod status for the SNES version, but for the GENESIS version i suggest you to get someone else. From my experience with the game i suggest you try to contact "King_iOpa", "ramza18", "mileswildmore_18" or "chaosowl" for the Super-Mod status. If you want me to, i can put in a new game request, but i thought it would be easier to just split the game page. Thank you for answering 🙂

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@NinjakauzNinjakauz As the games are part of the Batman series, please forward your request to them, as they can add it manually.


Can Be added as the image for the ninja roy series

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Hello. The Burger King Games series was united as a 3 game series recently due to a run of the third game finally being done and verified. The series has no picture, and we would like to have a picture. Is this something we can accomplish? Thanks!

That's the image we have decided on. Again, thanks!

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Can I have this leaderboard tagged as a Webgame please, thanks 🙂

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Hello. I'm a mod for the game "Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem"
And I'm asking for the title to be changed to "Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!" Which just adds the period after "vs" and the exclamation point at the end. Any and every site that references this game has the period and exclamation point in the title except I would like to see this change.

Thank you for your time!

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Hello. These following games should be pinged as servers
Cubecraft Games
The Hive(Minecraft Server) should also but I am not a moderator for that so I can’t request it to have that. Thanks!

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