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Can you change the game titles please? to Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing to Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing (DS) to SEGA AGES Sonic The Hedgehog to SEGA AGES Sonic The Hedgehog 2



Please add lego scooby doo to the scooby doo series

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@flyingfoxflyingfox Can you explain why? The game titles looks fine. Why Sega and Ages have to be in uppercase?

@KhloëKhloë Handled.


forgot to request this one as well, but can you add lego guardians of the galaxy to the marvel series

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• Creeper Dungeon

Should also be added as a part of Minecraft series
Server/map of Minecraft: Java Edition

• Hypixel Category Extensions

Should also be added as a part of Minecraft series
Server/map of Minecraft: Java Edition

• Happy Wheels Category Extensions

Category Extensions of Happy Wheels

• Google Whirlybird

Game type: Mobile

• Google Minesweeper

Game type: Webgame; Mobile

• Celebrating Garden Gnomes Google Doodle

Game type: Webgame

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I was told by a mod that they're not titled properly that the official title has them capitalised.

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  hirexenhirexen - This is mainly leaderboard for NES version of Donkey Kong Jr and category mentioned in this link is actually completely different game for Atari 2600, so it should have its own leaderboard with name like "Donkey Kong Jr (Atari)" and current one should be changed to "Donkey Kong Jr (NES)", so it clearly states in the name itself, what console it is for. Additionally, I'm not familiar with Atari version at all or even Atari speedruns generally, so rather shouldn't be moderator of it. I already contacted starcrytas (who run this game and is mod of e.g. Atari version of first DK) and starcrytas agreed on being moderator there. - similar request, since this is leaderboard only for NES version of the game, it would be good to change the name to "Donkey Kong (NES)"

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Rom Hack:


Would be nice if this could be added to the main game, thanks!

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Dragon Spirit has mutiple games, so I was wondering since only Dragon Spirit: The New Legend exists we can add Dragon Spirit and Dragon Saber to make it a series. I own Spirit on console and I can use MAME for Saber.


I have recently become moderator in games Happyland Orginal and Happyland Xmas Edition.
Well, it's not correct name for this games. You can clearly see here (screen from game launcher) that correct names are "Happyland Adventures (The Original Game)" and "Happyland Adventures (X-mas Edition)".
Please change it.

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@flyingfoxflyingfox Sounds good. Made the changes.

@ReverseDmitryReverseDmitry Applied all the requested changes.

@hirexenhirexen Sounds good to me. Made the changes. Feel free to contact starcrytas for requesting the Atari 2600 board of DK Jr. and we'll look at it as fast as possible.

@BurbBurb Done. Also added the ROM Hack under the Castlevania series.

@ChuChuTexanManofLuckChuChuTexanManofLuck Wrong thread. To request a series please go here: and choose "Series". Although we require a least 3 games on the site before considering a series so request the other games who're not on the site individually first.

@CytrussCytruss Done.

@Ben_eXceLBen_eXceL Done.

@MaltaranMaltaran Done.


can you add oth ds and gba to the over the hedge series?

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Hey all, I was just wondering if it would be possible to change the title of 'Ratatouille' to 'Ratatouille (Asobo)' and the title of 'Ratatouille (PS3/X360)' to 'Ratatouille (Heavy Iron)'? Both are completely different games and the way it's currently titled often causes confusion for new runners of each game. Thanks so much -Slicer

edit: forgot links

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Could you please tag Red Faction: Guerrilla Wrecking Crew as "Minigame/Gamemode"?

SRC page:

Thanks! 🙂

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