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Hello. I would like to request The nerf games to be series, under Nerf. The games included are Nerf Arena Blast, Nerf N-Strike, and Nerf N-Strike Elite. This is the only place I know to request this.


Hey there, I would like to request both Slendrina 2D and Slendrina: The Forest to have "Mobile" tagged to the leaderboards (also Slendrina 2D should have a space between "Slendrina" and "2D" like it does for the App Store title. Alongside I would like to request a "Webgame" tag for The Legend of Zelda - The Hero of Rhyme and Pyongyang Racer and for Hero of the Rhyme to be a Subgame of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


Hi, I moderate the Rage Racer page and was hoping to have it added to the Ridge Racer series. Thanks!


Hello, I moderate the Sakugake Otokojuku Game.

This game was also released under the Simple 2000 label title, so I was hoping to add it to that series, which I am also a mod on.

I tried using the add game method or editing the current game but I cant add the tag. If there is a way to do so I would like to learn how or have it done through requesting here.

Thank you for reading. I was not aware of the series page or a mod at the time of submission. Hopefully it is an easy fix for the mods.


@ReverseDmitryReverseDmitry Done.

@frozenflygonefrozenflygone Done.

@mPapmPap Adjusted.

@XonerisXoneris Done.

@afnannen136afnannen136 Done. For future reference, super moderators can delete created games for a period of 2 weeks after the game was initially created.

@SharpsDoubleRifleSharpsDoubleRifle Does the series exist? As it doesn't appear when I search for 'Nerf'. If there is no series currently for Nerf, it needs to be requested here:

@Otterstone_GamerOtterstone_Gamer Done. For the very last thing... is the game an actual hack of LTTP? As it does appear to use the tilesets/sprites, but the actual game itself doesn't seem linked to the SNES game LTTP outside of these two things.

@LonneLonne Done.

@kiraa96kiraa96 Game moderators need to be the ones requesting these changes.

@FantasticFoxFantasticFox Done.

@DBcadeDBcade Done.

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These should all be changed to rom hacks of the Monkey Ball series:

Super Monkey Ball 2: Monkeyed Ball 2:
Super Monkey Ball 651:
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe in SMB2:
Super Monkey Ball 2 Community Pack v2.0:
Super Monkey Ball Gaiden:

Thanks in advance!

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Hello, I've talked to Hydro on Discord and he's has granted permission to request Nickelodeon Fit to be added to the "Nicktoons Series" (If needed I can provide a screenshot of this conversation too) I would also like to request these two game to have "Global Domination" replaced with "The Game Of Global Domination" for both and Alongside removing "(Switch)" and replacing it with "(2015)" since that game have releases on PS4 and Xbox One

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Hello we would like to add a category extension to recently the game came out of early access adding many additional features, one of which adds variation on the full game runs. Thanks!

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Hi there,

Can you please set CORNDOG to be a modification of Red Faction (2001)?

Red Faction (2001):

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@XeapneaXeapnea please submit a game request for a category extensions leaderboard here: Make sure to read through the rules and determine if a CE leaderboard is needed. As variables (subcategories) and the misc option might also do the job. If not, make sure to provide a run and name the category ideas in your submission.

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Hi, I'm trying to get "Mario Andretti Racing" for the Sega genesis added. I used the 'request a game' method a month ago, but haven't gotten a reply. I'm new here--I'm not sure if it would be considered part of a series, since there is "Andretti Racing" for the PS1 being tracked here, so I also messaged both moderators of "Andretti Racing", but neither have replied. Any help is appreciated. Thanks


@RaGeNyCRaGeNyC Wrong thread.

Also to answer you, we're getting significantly more requests than usual, so processing them is taking a lot longer than it would under normal circumstances. Please be patient while we work through all these.

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Also if you can my requesting game is also mobile just so I save you some trouble