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@ReverseDmitryReverseDmitry Moderators of the games in question are required to request changes. This is to ensure they are aware of changes being made.

@NenadNenad Currently, Category Extensions can only be tagged to a single game. So, this means only one of those games will be able to receive the 'Category Extensions' in the sidebar and so forth unfortunately. Once you've determined which you want it in, get back to us here and we can adjust it.

@TheScruffingtonTheScruffington Done.


@LivLiv In that case, can you add it to Tomb Raider (1996) ?


Hi there, I'd like to request the Mafia Category Extensions leaderboard to be added as a category extension board for the Mafia series .


@NenadNenad Done.

@LemboxLembox They cannot be tagged to an entire series, and can only be tagged to a singular game, sadly. Once you come to an agreement on which one you want this to be, get back to us in here.

@BlueCrystal004BlueCrystal004 Done.


Can Toxic Targets be added to the Cartoon Network series? I know Total Drama originally a Teletoon show, but the game is on Cartoon Network's website and Cartoon Network was the other major station for the show.

No one responded to my thread earlier, and I never heard back from the series moderator.



@LivLiv Really? It does work e. g. for the GTA leaderboard . I'm just talking about setting the tag of "Category Extension" for the leaderboard , no need to have it on the left hand navigation bar for each game.


hello, i have 2 game deletion requests. My first game deletion request is this game we've moved it too this board My second game deletion request is this board it just a webgame that's got no attention for the close to 3 years its been on the site, i have a run pending in it and im so tired of looking at it, judging by the amount of followers of the game i'd assume im the only one who has a run in the queue. i've also tried contacting the moderator in his youtube comments and his discord (which he has an invalid link in his profile so that didn't work) so i'd just like the board deleted

i would also like too request these 2 games be given the webgame tag

i would like this game too be given the webgame and mobile tag

this game to be marked as a subgame of this game


Hello, I am a moderator of the Game Bloo Kid as well as for the series Bloo Kid and would like to request that it be added to the series which currently only contains Bloo Kid 2. This website of the developer shows information about both games in the series:


@MeesterTweesterMeesterTweester Done.

@LemboxLembox Oh sorry, wasn't sure if you meant actually tagging it to a game. Done.

@afnannen136afnannen136 For the first deletion, would prefer confirmation from a moderator. As they're the managers of the page they need to be the ones making this request so they don't all of a sudden just wonder where it has gone.

The second one, we will have to decline. There's a run posted on it, you don't moderate it... what is the specific reason it should be deleted? If you don't want to associate with the page, then don't associate with it. A page being dead/inactive for a while isn't a good reason for deletion. If there's an inactive moderator, they can be replaced.

Tag-based requests all done.

@J2_2J2_2 Done.


@LivLiv here's a dm proof for my first game deletion request of the super moderator saying its fine

for the second one, its a board that obviously wouldn't be accepted under the current game request rules, the boards been setup very poorly as far as proper platforms, rules etc... The any% category should be setup time ascending due too the fact its not a speedrun just a survive as long as you can type game, plus the moderators inactive and no one runs it as i said. So that's why i think this game should be removed, i understand what your saying though and totally get it if you don't want to delete it.

edit: could this game be given the mobile tag i forgot too request that in my first post

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For MineCraft: Bedrock Edition, can we get a category added for running as if it were hardcore mode? The mode doesn't exist in the game, but that doesn't mean you can't do runs in hard mode and only use one life which is the same. Something like: Any% Glitchless Hardcore. Not sure if that includes random seed, which is what I want as well.


Last Jump Hero

Should be Server/Map of Minecraft: Java Edition,

ideally tagged as Minecraft series as well


Hello, I am a moderator for the game Powerpuff Girls: Him and Seek ( Two related questions. Would this game be able to be added to the game series The Powerpuff Girls? ( I believe it wasn't added previously as there is a typo in the game title. The title should be "The Powerpuff Girls: Him and Seek". This matches the box name and twitch category name. Therefore, could this game both be added to the correct series and its name edited to be correct? I cannot currently do either action at the moment. Thank you!



I am a moderator of Phred's Cool Punch-Out 2 Turbo and it should be listed as a ROM Hack of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!




Would be cool if you could put the follwing 2 games as ROM-hack for Metroid: Zero Mission.



Thanks in advance!


Google whirlybird

W should be capitalised


hi these 2 games were added by mistake could they be removed, i've talked to the series mod and he said they were not meant to be added and he only meant to add 1 board

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