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I'd like to request that the game "Barbie and the Three Musketeers" receive a Series tag for the "Barbie" series. I moderate both the game and the series. Thank you.

Game ->
Series ->

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I'm requesting for the game "Roblox - Speed Run (Place)" to have its title changed to "ROBLOX: Speed Run".
It's current title is outdated because it was the first ROBLOX game added to the site, and it doesn't fit the format of newer games. The (Place) is just splash text. is the link to the game; the [Original] is splash text as well, however it could be included in the game's title.

I've already gotten the go-ahead from the super mod to do this, and could provide proof if necessary. Thanks!

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@DeathmaskDeathmask This is not the right place to post updates regarding your game request. Kindly asking you to stop cluttering this thread. If you want to know something or provide information on an existing game request, either DM a staff member of make a new thread about it.

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Request adding to
Marble Marcher CE
Marble Marcher JJ
To sub-Game Category or create new categories for them as separate games
(technically speaking original game officially not be updating,
but extended versions already have many custom lvls
and may have custom speedrun rules in future(lvl groups / etc) )


Hi, I was wanting to change the game titles of iCarly (Wii) to just iCarly, as the DS categories are going to be added to the board since the game is very similar to the wii version and there are people running the DS version now.

I also was wanting to change the Deal or No Deal title to Deal or No Deal (US), as the board for Deal or No Deal right now is currently just for the US versions of Deal or No Deal, which are pretty different compared to the UK versions.


Hi there! I'd like to request a "Tomb Raider" series tag for the game "Tomb Raider (NES Bootleg)". The game was recently added to SRC. Link:

In addition, I was wondering if the game "LEGO Batman (Genesis Bootleg)" ( could receive a couple of series tags as well. These are:
Batman -
DC Comics -

I'm the moderator for both games.


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@RootLeafRootLeaf If you want them as separate categories, you need to be talking to the moderation of the game itself. We don't deal with getting new categories added to games. If you want them as separate games, you can request them here but you're going to need to explain in depth why they actually need splitting. We don't know everything about every game, and it's upto the user to explain.

From the mod's perspective it isn't exactly warranted of having a totally separate sub game currently:

So for now we'd have to lean on the side of denying this request.

@Silo_SimonSilo_Simon Both done.

@janglestormjanglestorm For these, you're going to need some sort of series moderation co-sign for each tag, as they're unofficial titles. Reasoning being, in the past we've had series mods take issue with unofficial games being inserted into their series, and so this is simply the procedure from now on.

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Hello there! I'm looking to add Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights as the base game for Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights Category Extensions.

Thank you!

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Request: Delete the entire game

Hey, I'm the only mod for a romhack called Super Dode World. Link here:

Since I can't delete it myself I figured I'd ask here.



@ArobamArobam As there are runs listed on that leaderboard we won't be outright deleting it. However, if you no longer wish to moderate it, you may demote yourself in the Edit Game -> Moderators tab (if possible find someone to take your place before doing this, but if this is not possible then don't worry about it).


Hi, i am supermod for tomb raider category extensions ( and i would like to set game type as category extension, tnx 🙂

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Hi. I'm a mod for The Lion King Category extensions and I'd like for it to become the game type "Category Extension" of so that they are linked this way.


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Hey, so I wanna request a "Webgame" tag for the following games 100th Anniversary of the Crossword Puzzle and Rainbow Days Sim Date Plus I'd like to request a "Mobile" tag for Alongside, I would also like to request the game "Dora the Explorer: Dora Puppy" be changed to "Dora Puppy" as the games official release title is just called "Dora Puppy". Thanks

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Hey staff,
"Minecraft Star Wars", "Wrath of the Fallen", "Zombie Apocalypse" should be moved to a Hypixel series where other Hypixel maps and server mini-games are. (


Hi, i dont know if this is right place for this request, but i am gonna ask anyway. We created category extension for classic Tomb Raider games. So i want Category Extension to be shown on the left side where stuff like forums, guides, resources etc. are for each game. That means for for Tomb Raider (1996), Tomb Raider II, Tomb Raider III, Tomb Raider The Last Relevation, Tomb Raider Chronicles, Tomb Raider Unfinished Business, Tomb Raider Golden Mask and Tomb Raider The Lost Artefact. I am mod for each of 8 game + category extension, but i cant find in settings how to add it. I hope you can help me here with this. I have example here, right below level leaderboard category extension is listed:


Hello. Could we have the Final Fantasy VII Remake Category Extensions leaderboard ( added as a category extension of the main Final Fantasy VII Remake leaderboards ( Thanks in advance!