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For MineCraft: Bedrock Edition, can we get a category added for running as if it were hardcore mode? The mode doesn't exist in the game, but that doesn't mean you can't do runs in hard mode and only use one life which is the same. Something like: Any% Glitchless Hardcore. Not sure if that includes random seed, which is what I want as well.


@GamerBigUnitGamerBigUnit You're definitely in the wrong place to discuss that, go to this forum instead.

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Last Jump Hero

Should be Server/Map of Minecraft: Java Edition,

ideally tagged as Minecraft series as well


Hello, I am a moderator for the game Powerpuff Girls: Him and Seek ( Two related questions. Would this game be able to be added to the game series The Powerpuff Girls? ( I believe it wasn't added previously as there is a typo in the game title. The title should be "The Powerpuff Girls: Him and Seek". This matches the box name and twitch category name. Therefore, could this game both be added to the correct series and its name edited to be correct? I cannot currently do either action at the moment. Thank you!



I am a moderator of Phred's Cool Punch-Out 2 Turbo and it should be listed as a ROM Hack of Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!




Would be cool if you could put the follwing 2 games as ROM-hack for Metroid: Zero Mission.



Thanks in advance!


Google whirlybird

W should be capitalised

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hi these 2 games were added by mistake could they be removed, i've talked to the series mod and he said they were not meant to be added and he only meant to add 1 board

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Hello. I would like to request The nerf games to be series, under Nerf. The games included are Nerf Arena Blast, Nerf N-Strike, and Nerf N-Strike Elite. This is the only place I know to request this.


Hey there, I would like to request both Slendrina 2D and Slendrina: The Forest to have "Mobile" tagged to the leaderboards (also Slendrina 2D should have a space between "Slendrina" and "2D" like it does for the App Store title. Alongside I would like to request a "Webgame" tag for The Legend of Zelda - The Hero of Rhyme and Pyongyang Racer and for Hero of the Rhyme to be a Subgame of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

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Could get the Mobile game tag?

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Hello could you add InkBall
To windows series?

thanks for reading.


Hi, I moderate the Rage Racer page and was hoping to have it added to the Ridge Racer series. Thanks!


Hello, I moderate the Sakugake Otokojuku Game.

This game was also released under the Simple 2000 label title, so I was hoping to add it to that series, which I am also a mod on.

I tried using the add game method or editing the current game but I cant add the tag. If there is a way to do so I would like to learn how or have it done through requesting here.

Thank you for reading. I was not aware of the series page or a mod at the time of submission. Hopefully it is an easy fix for the mods.


Hi, I would like InkBall to be added in Windows series.

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These should all be changed to rom hacks of the Monkey Ball series:

Super Monkey Ball 2: Monkeyed Ball 2:
Super Monkey Ball 651:
Super Monkey Ball Deluxe in SMB2:
Super Monkey Ball 2 Community Pack v2.0:
Super Monkey Ball Gaiden:

Thanks in advance!

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Hello, I've talked to Hydro on Discord and he's has granted permission to request Nickelodeon Fit to be added to the "Nicktoons Series" (If needed I can provide a screenshot of this conversation too) I would also like to request these two game to have "Global Domination" replaced with "The Game Of Global Domination" for both and Alongside removing "(Switch)" and replacing it with "(2015)" since that game have releases on PS4 and Xbox One

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I would appreciate it if:

could be added to this series:

Thank you!

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