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Another thing, although this is a really small detail, can you remove the space between ROBLOX and the colon in the name of The Really Easy Obby


1. For Sanic Spin 2006: Let this run by the Sonic Fan Games series mod first. I'd like their approval before adding the tag to it first.
2. For ROBLOX: The Really Easy Obby: Done.

@CrroolCrrool Aight, done.

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Roku should be added as a platform for Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space. Note that these games are only available on certain Roku device models. However, none of the other Roku games seem to have a place on this website.


Hello! For Mirror's Edge, can we please get the Mirror's Edge Category Extensions leaderboard ( added as a link to the main game page ( Thanks in advance for your time!


Hi! I need a few thing altered if possible.

Can i have and moved underneath the MX vs. ATV series page.

Also, if i could have and moved into ATV Offroad Fury 3 and ATV Offroad Fury 4 respectively as sub-game Minigame/Gamemode that would be awesome too.



Hello. I'm a mod for and i would appreciate the Minigame/Gamemode gametype added as the game contains minigames after you beat the game once.


This should be put as a modification of Half-Life 2: Episode Two.

Thanks in advance.


I'm a mod for and it would be great if the Minigame/Gamemode was checked, since the game is pretty much a VR tech demo with a collection of minigames.


Requesting the game name for: Tomarunner

be changed to: Gekisou TomaRunner


@NuMetalzNuMetalz Done.

@DeathMaster001DeathMaster001 It doesn't really make sense to add this, as the gametype is specifically for game modes when separated into their own listing as a leaderboard.

@LyrenLyren Done.

@Ben_eXceLBen_eXceL Same reason as @DeathMaster001DeathMaster001 's request.

@CaneofPacciCaneofPacci Done.

@RubberDuckyAssassinRubberDuckyAssassin This appears to have already been adjusted.

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The game I moderate, Bubble Trouble, recently got an update from the original creator. He changed the titled to "Bubble Struggle" instead of "Bubble Trouble." I would like to get the name changed as such. The following is a link to the game's website where you can verify that this happened. Thanks!

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Could the game Toy Story Mania! be added to the Toy Story Series? It was just added today so I get why its not in the series already. thanks! 🙂

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Can this be made a category extensions board for James Bond 007: Nightfire?

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Hi, I'm mod for the one piece series , and this game isn't connected with the series at the moment. I already contacted the mods, and they're on board with connecting it to the series. If you could give the game the series that would be awesome! Thanks!

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Hi there, can you please set the Red Faction Category Extensions board to "Category Extension"?


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Hello, asking to remove the Webgame tag to this game since now it's been released on steam and so it's like an official release and you play on the PC app I guess ok thanks

Steam Link:


Hey, I would like to request Zerg Rush Google Easter Egg to be added to the "Google Doodle Series" I talked with @CytrussCytruss (the series Moderator) and he agreed that it would be appropriate if it was to be added to the series (I can DM screenshots if necessary) Also, I've gotten okay from @kickasspancakeskickasspancakes that Sanic Spin 2006 should be added alongside the "Sonic Fan Games Series"

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can the title of this game be changed to SAVE LIGHTNING MCQUEEN!! Adventure Obby

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