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I would like to request an platform, it's called Google Stadia
And the google stadia exclusive game is avaliable in speedrun leaderboards and it's missing an platform, could you add Google Stadia platform?

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This game is listed as an unofficial release in the Timberman Series despite being an official release. Can this be fixed?


Hello, can you set this game to category extensions, it got verified but was not set to category extensions. Thank you.


Hello. I would like to request a title change for this game:

The developer has recently released a new demo and renamed the project "Gumchu Girl"

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I want to request a new Game. It is an old MS-DOS game called "Teddy". But there are no other Informations except a german .doc document from developer and
"One of the first jump&run titles by Schenk & Horn, who also made Softball, SpaceStar and ColorStar (last one for Windows). You are Jan, a small boy who has been transformed into a teddy in some bad nightmare. Your mission is to find the exit on each level and remain alive. With all the traps and enemies, this is easier said than done. An interesting feature are different weapons and skills one can pick up and use then, such as higher jumps or shooting balls. Music and frame rate make a somewhat unstable and unfinished impression, so other games also created in 1993 were obviously more popular than this one. Teddy is obviously the prequel to Charly the Clown"
We ware 2 runners at the moment, but we don't know if the game would get a pass if we request 😕
Shall we request it or is it a waste of time? 😕

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I wholeheartedly agree with Deathmask here.
I would love to run Teddy because I have so many good childhood memories of it.
It would be awesome to add it to the library so maybe other people will remember playing it or will get to know it 🙂
Thanks guys

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@DeathmaskDeathmask From what little I can see about the game it's hard for me to say. I would just go ahead and request it.

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Okay. I will make a run tomorrow and upload the vod and readme file from developer (poorly just german, because very old) and we'll see 🙂


Requesting a game title change:

Two words are swapped, it should be - "Flow Free: Hexes"

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hi, i want to request 2 games, aero fighters 2/sonic wings 2 and aero fighters 3/sonic wings 3.

the first entry is the only one available to submit runs.

the games are available for Arcade, Neo Geo AES, Neo Geo CD, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

i think that 2 categories would be enough, any% solo and any% coop.

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Submitted the game with info, vod, and settings 🙂
Let's hope for Flex and me and all the other one who will run this gem ^^


Hello! Could someone help me link the new Shadow the Hedgehog Category Extensions leaderboard ( added as a link to the main leaderboard ( Thanks!

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Requesting Outlast ( as base game for Outlast category extensions,

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I'd like to request that the game "Barbie and the Three Musketeers" receive a Series tag for the "Barbie" series. I moderate both the game and the series. Thank you.

Game ->
Series ->

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I'm requesting for the game "Roblox - Speed Run (Place)" to have its title changed to "ROBLOX: Speed Run".
It's current title is outdated because it was the first ROBLOX game added to the site, and it doesn't fit the format of newer games. The (Place) is just splash text. is the link to the game; the [Original] is splash text as well, however it could be included in the game's title.

I've already gotten the go-ahead from the super mod to do this, and could provide proof if necessary. Thanks!

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@DeathmaskDeathmask This is not the right place to post updates regarding your game request. Kindly asking you to stop cluttering this thread. If you want to know something or provide information on an existing game request, either DM a staff member of make a new thread about it.

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Request adding to
Marble Marcher CE
Marble Marcher JJ
To sub-Game Category or create new categories for them as separate games
(technically speaking original game officially not be updating,
but extended versions already have many custom lvls
and may have custom speedrun rules in future(lvl groups / etc) )