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ADMIN UPDATE 4/14/2021
With the release of the Support Hub, all request should now be submitted through the Support Hub.

Adjusting Game Information (Game Type, To Be Part of Series, Other) -

Platform Request -

Requesting platforms

If there are any platforms not currently in the list on the site that you would like to add games for, let us know in this thread so we can add them. For a full list of supported platforms, check out the sidebar on the Games page when sorted by platform.

As of now, platforms that are used by less than 2% of the games on the site, will be considered obscure. This means that they will hidden on the Edit Game page by default.

Showing obscure platforms can be toggled using the Show/Hide obscure button on the Edit Game page.

Requesting "to be part of series" game

You may also post here to report/request a game to be part of a game series as long as you have contacted and have approval of/from a game leaderboard/series moderator. If you cannot provide evidence of approval please have these moderators of the game and/or series post here. If you are a game or series moderator you may request here without going through this process, and as such when doing so please provide a reliable source so that we can verify that it belongs within that series. For new series requests, please send them to the game request form and mark them as "series".

Requesting Game Types

These can be found within "Edit Game" if you are moderator of the board, however they can only be set by site staff; Content Mods, Full-Mods and Admins. Generally we try to set the game type after accepting a leaderboard request.

ROM Hack - This type indicates the original game has been modified.
Modification - This type indicates that PC games have been modified of its original game.
Fangame - This type indicates that it is a game that was created using another IP. (Psycho Waluigi for example)
Webgame - This type generally indicates browser/web/flash games.
Prerelease - This type generally indicates that the game has been released early, usually demos/betas.
Mobile - This type indicates phone games; Android, Apple, etc.
Expansion/DLC - This type indicates downloadable content, addons or something that extends the game with new content.
Category Extension - This type indicates secondary game leaderboards meant to have categories that do not fit within the main games leaderboard.
Multi-game - This type indicates that multiple games are being played.
Minigame/Gamemode - This type indicates that a mode in the game is played and focused on as opposed to the entire game.
Server/Map - This type indicates that it is a custom server or map that has been modified or user-created.

Adjusting Game Title
If you require the title of a game you moderate be adjusted, that can be done here. NOTE: If you are requesting a game's title be changed to something else, please explain why this is required and link to any relevant sources to backup any information you provide to us.

Adjusting Series Details
If a series is without moderation and requires changes to any details (new Discord invite, theme needs an update) you may request it in this topic.

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To continue up on something from the previous thread:

@Gave2hazeGave2haze I have created the series manually ( https://www.​speedrun.​com/carelics ) and added the four games mentioned to it. If you have any requests for a series icon or coloring, please let me know so I can set those up before I remove myself from the series to leave it moderatorless, as we would prefer it be. If new games for the series are wanted, request them via the normal means of a game request form as usual.

In addition to a series cover and colors, if there is a permanent Discord invite for the series or permanent page for it that would also be good information to provide, so it can be added.

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@Habreno thanks ever so much! Discord invite would be http:/​/​discord.​gg/​6gGQqA3 and site page is http:/​/​htwins.​net/​.​
I will ask for a icon and logo on the discord. As for colours, I think #5B6DA7 for the panel, #cccfd4 for the panel border, #ebeff5 for the background and #f7d638 for everything else (like this: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​AngQOB7).​


@Liv you mean to say 'may need to be redone in 2 years'? And thanks 🙂

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@Habreno Here are the images: https:/​/​imgur.​com/​a/​YZ4BoBl.​ Thanks for helping out! If we were to want RTA categories for running the games back to back, I imagine that would be requested as a category extension leaderboard?

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I believe it would be a multi-game rather than a category extension, but regardless, it would have to be requested, yes.


I am the mod for both Langrisser Series and the game Der Langrisser. Can you assist me with nesting Der Langrisser in the Series. I am working to contact @autoshy to get Warsong added as well. Website support for combining is in this post. https:/​/​en.​wikipedia.​org/​wiki/​Langrisser

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in 3 days (& in 10 days) Capcom hosts a PS4 Beta for Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne (Leaderboard),
so I'm requesting not just a Pre-Release tag, no no, but also the Expansion tag based on mhw (Leaderboard).

You can read up on the Beta here

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Hello, I moderate a game called Snake VS Block ( It's available on Android and iOS. Can it get a mobile game type tag, please?

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We're in the process of making a category extension board on the jak and daxter series.
This is a request to turn the game "Jak and Daxter: Category extension" ( https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​jakext ) into the game type "Category Extension"

Thanks in advance.


@kuitarkuitar I added the game type


Hello! I am extremely late on this, but many months ago I added a new game to the Skylanders series to serve as a category extension board for the whole series. This is because some games have modes and minigames that extend over multiple games, and all of the games' figures are forward-compatible.

I would like to request "Category Extension" and "Multi-game" game types to be added to this board please: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​skylanders_extensions

I hope I am requesting this correctly. Thank you in advance!


Wario Woods (NES) Is Now on Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Online. I wanna do a run of it, But Cant Bc Theres no switch platform


Hello, i would like my the game Trackmania DS i added recently to be part of the trackmania game series, is it possible to add it in the series?

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@Mario_GamerMario_Gamer you can do your run regardless, submit your run and add in the additional info that you've ran the game on your Switch. Till then, you can give the moderators some time to respond to your messages.

Edit: They have responded to me, and they've added the Switch platform.

@Gyrule_Gyrule_ Done!

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I was made a mod for Warsong. Can we please add Warsong to the Langrisser Series? It is the NTSC version of Langrisser 1. I am reposting the supporting link to save you having to scroll to my initial request. https:/​/​en.​wikipedia.​org/​wiki/​Langrisser


@RaeanusRaeanus seems fine, added!

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Hello! I'd like to request that the Valve Index be added as a platform. It's a new VR HMD that released a few days ago.



Can someone add the mobile game type to Jet Car Stunts? https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​jetcs Thanks!