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I am sure this has come up time and time again, as a speed runner/high scorer and mod.

I really would like to see an EMU/Console split

You can fry more and do all kinds of manipulation with emulation that you cannot do with a console.

I really hope to see the site leaders make this happen.

Example Friday the 13th NES easy on an EMU very difficult on a console to do under 3 mins.

Reverse Example Home Family Feud World Record can be done on original console and hardware, most likely never on an Emulator, and to boot cannot even be done on just any original console.

I have also seen issues where games are listed as the same game that are different.

I hope to see a change


Well, something like that already exists now - a runner can check the "emulator" option in their runs, and the runs will be marked as "emulated".
You can then filter the leaderboard with showing all runs, or only "un-emulated" runs.

That is mostly relevant if an emulator is exact as the real console, so runs on emulator will be (almost) the same as normal runs.
That is if you allow emulators in the first place. Emulators are banned in many games for several reasons.

In case you allow the use of an emulator, but there is a major difference between that and a console, the option is to create a new category (or sub-category) for emulators.
Many games have this split in categories for different consoles and PC, for the same reason.


Yeah there are many differences overall but I would like to see #1 cart/console #1 Emu not a filter, I hope something changes we had this issue for years in other score sites....

Of course some games are exact but most are not.


Well, the solution for that is what I just said - Add a category or sub-category for emulator runs, and then it will have its own leaderboard.

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Yeah this is something that should be handled per-leaderboard as necessary (and therefore handled by each game's moderators) rather than something the site should try to enforce globally.

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Yeah, no. Automatically splitting the two is definitely not a good idea. I mean the everdrive on NES can't do certain glitches in some NES games, so should flash carts be separate from actual hardware as well?

Ultimately it's up to each individual game's community to make those decisions, and the question of splitting the two should probably only come from major differences that can be accurately observed and not "one feels faster than the other" an argument people have used in the past.


No see an Everdrive is equal with roms, a powerpak is emulation... I just would like to see it properly organized whatever the outcome is it is.


Regardless it's up to the individual communities of each game. Splitting leaderboards site wide is a great way to piss off everyone that uses the site.

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Well it's a good discussion regardless, this is not about who we piss off it's about doing things as professional and right as possible. I hope something good comes of this.

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...Nothing is going to come from this. As everyone before has already said, and as I’ll reiterate, there is no problem to fix. There is no issue here that needs to be resolved at a site wide level as there is already a system in place to handle emulators. Individual games and communities all handle emulation differently and the site will not get involved with telling communities how to run their LBs.

If you have an issue or concern with emulator and console being treated together on an LB, you should direct all questions and concerns to the mods and communities of those games. They’ll be the ones who can address your concerns and they’ll be the ones who can implement any changes to an LB like this.

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I totally disagree with all that but like I said, I am glad I brought this to light, an glad it's getting feedback...



I hope something good comes of this.

Yes, we'll continue to let communities moderate themselves

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I totally disagree with all that

I don’t mean this in an antagonistic way, but what exactly do you disagree with?

Do you disagree with the site letting individual communities moderate themselves and control their own LBs?
Do you disagree with needing to talk to the mods of a game?

I’m really trying to understand what you disagree with in my post. I’m like you, I believe that when there are substantial differences between console and emulator that they should be split out, so I understand the sentiment (and LBs already do this when they deem it necessary), but what I’m struggling to grasp is why you’re so resistant to the site’s policy of not getting involved on individual games. Or why you won’t bring up any concerns with the mods of the game(s) in question.

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I feel it should be Emu's leader board and Carts with original rom leader board.... I am speaking to mods on this already


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