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It would be really cool to follow users and see their recently verified runs on the front page, like I see runs for games I follow.

There are people in my community that have just picked up speedrunning. It would be cool if I could more easily follow their progress.

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Sorry if this has been requested before, or if it's already a feature I wasn't able to find. 🙂


It's been brought up multiple times before on the site, consensus remains that it just isn't worth it for the site developers to implement this when one can easily follow a runner's accounts on other sites. For your "community", you may want to consider creating a Discord server where you can discuss (and if this is for a specific game, form a single place to communicate).


The problem with this proposition is that people often make posts about specific games/scenarios. There's no reason that someone 'following' someone else should be looking at or replying to someone's post about lets say mario odyssey when they don't even play the game purely because of the person posting it. Following individuals is kind of pointless in a site about making separate communities for different games (with general forums being made for general speech about speedrunning as a whole). Also as @QuivicoQuivico states, you can simply follow a runners socials such as twitch, YT, twitter, etc. if you're interested in seeing what they're up to (or just ask them in DMs), so this would be a pretty pointless addition. Or at least that's my take on the topic. I don't think this would be a good thing to add.

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The argument of "use other platforms to satisfy this need" isn't really logical. "Why create Twitter, when you can just follow people on Facebook?"

The problem with the "advice" you all have is that you're forcing users to rummage through disparate sources to put things together. Obviously, platforms such a Discord and Youtube exist where you can find this info, but that's not the point of SRC. This is a place to aggregate speedrunning content.

Frankly, being able to follow users is a basic feature on any other platform. SRC should follow suit. The dev project to do this would be pretty small and it would improve the usability and accessibility of the site.

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I also suggested this at one point and I got the same type of responses. I support your idea.


Same here


Hey all! For following an individual, feel free to fill out the feedback form in the support hub on what you'd like that to look like. When we add a new feature to the road map we review all the relevant feedback requests related to it to help inform our choices.

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And of course nothing happened afterwards..

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Expected nothing else honestly

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They are different people

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@__ is my IRL brother, we're not the same people, and it would be obvious that when one of us makes a post the other will reply and like the other one's comment.

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  [user deleted]

ah my mistake

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it's an easy mistake to make


@HiHi Erm... I hope you are not serious about expecting such a change to be rolled out in about 2 weeks.
Without knowing the site developers internal rules it is still pretty clear to me that introducing new functionalities takes time. That stuff needs to be evaluated, implemented, tested, ... Meanwhile other stuff is probably higher prioritized, so I wouldn't expect your "user-like-request" to come any time soon.

a bit off-topic: Often it seems people in the forums just want to see the worst in how ELO handles things. Positive stuff also happened since the takeover. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying everything is awesome... The reality is somewhere in between. There are people behind that and they are doing their job.

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...But I'm getting kinda tired of the site being so awfully slow here. I've not got the world's best internet, so I'm used to a bit of loading, but this is getting annoying. It's starting to remind me of the kind of internet I had over a decade ago- and I'm not nostalgic for it.

First impressions matter a lot, and everything about the ownership transfer was started off on the wrong foot. It'll take some good positive additions and transparency about what they're working on, with none of these extra complications to really fix the community's pessimism.

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First off, it would be too unrealistic for them to add such a feature so quickly and I would've even been impressed if they managed to do it. What I meant is that there hasn't been any update on the situation in over 2 weeks. No post regarding their decision about the feature, if it would benefit the site and whatnot, which makes it seem like the idea became dead pretty much just like every other idea.

Second off, while it is true that they can't do something of this magnitude in just 2 weeks, there are some other requests from players that they could definitely do in even less than 2 weeks but still haven't managed to do. (for example fixing @useruser 's account, his account is currently broken and the mods said they will try to fix it without too much waiting, guess what, it's been 2 weeks since the moderator responded and literally nothing happened).

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Suggesting ideas that could help improve the site seem pointless at this point in time; 90% of suggestions don't even get in ELO's radar, and the rare instances of suggestions that the staff do see, they only make 1 post about it, usually suggesting to fill a feedback form on the support hub, and then they never reply to their post again.


And it seems to me
you lived your life like a suggestion in the wind
never knowin' who would see you, when the posts set in
I would've liked to see you, but I'm just a user
ELO forgot you long before your we ever did

"A Suggestion In the Wind" from the album Fs in Chat

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