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I've been a user on for 4 years now and the recent changes to the site layout is disappointing to say the least mainly because the news feed seem to take up 50% of your screen compared to the runs on the main page. The worst part about this change was that the news feeds are also in your user profiles which is so unnecessary if we're already going to see them on the front page. I've had to use 150% zoom to even view this site decently now which sucks but I hope that the layout will improve in the coming months.

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I hope that the layout will improve in the coming months.

It was fine before. This is the new and improved supposedly, so I wouldn't hold your breath.

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Oh look a new news article on the front page! Good thing its on my profile so I can view it MULTIPLE TIMES. Because, you know WHY WOULDNT I.

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I'm personally fine with the user profile page. I think it looks cool. Exceeeeeeeeeeept. The God damn news articles that's there, which completely ruins everything and makes me want to puke. Have a nice day! 🙂

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Forcefeeding us a news bar that says "Communities are the key to speedrunning" is some bittersweet irony.

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Still feel that a Reddit-inspired "opt-out of new update" would be ideal
I think someone mentioned it in another thread and the counterargument is that dual-site maintenance is too much effort, but actual errors should be prioritised over complete reformatting.

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