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This morning I saw that my series request for the MudRunner series ( was accepted so I added the link to our discord and decided I'd finish setting it all up this evening.

For some reason I'm no longer mod of the series, nor are there any mods, despite having the "Series request accepted" notfication and being able to see the series.

Any ideas why this is and can this be fixed?


Most series that are accepted do not require a series moderator to attend to it, so most are removed upon the series being accepted.

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Is there any way to gain temporary access to change the logo?

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I've been seeing a lot of threads like this lately, and I've been curious. What is a good reason for a series to have a mod? It seems like site mods are generally against it. Maybe I just don't understand why series mods exist if the site is so opposed to giving people that role?


Generally a series does not require moderation when there is no real constant demand for adding games to that series. Which is why we tend to limit it to rather big series moving forward. Actually, the only series that we personally have really allowed moderation for in the past year is Sonic Fan Games, since it has a monthly or even weekly demand of adding new Sonic Fan games to it.

Series moderation is actually a lot of power. Being able to add games to the site and completely circumventing the game request queue that way is power that should only be given out when it's absolutely necessary. For logo/link changes, you can always ask a content mod to add those for you.

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@DoctorofpwnageDoctorofpwnage Sure, ask any site mod to add it for you.


Same thing happened to me today. Unfortunate because I usually add themes, logos, and wallpapers to the games and series I mod, but less then 12 hours after it was added, I went to make changes and found out I no longer have access 😅. I understand though. It's access that could be easily abused.

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Sorry yeah. We currently don't have a good way of creating series without adding a series mod to it automatically. Since the game request queue is mostly handled by CMods, they cannot remove mods that get auto added when accepting a series and there is sometimes a little delay until they are removed by FMods. We hope to fix that in the forseeable future and possibly rethink how series moderation works entirely.

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