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It looks like there was a video at some point but Twitch probably borked the link or it got deleted or something. Just mention it to the moderators of that game and one of them can probably find the updated video link and fix it, assuming the VOD still exists. If not, they'll figure out what they want to do with it.

"I was wondering what the general rule is for Leaderboards if the WR has no video"
There is no general rule. It's entirely up to that game's community to decide how to handle that situation. Some boards don't even require video proof at all.

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wr aside the other runner DOES have proof lol.

wr holder is streaming atm ask him what happened to the vod.

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@diggitydingdong Yes, it got deleted. You can see the original poster on the thread list (, if the top post doesn't match up with the original poster it got deleted.
And yeah, it's a bad idea as the whole thread doesn't get deleted so it just adds confusion.

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