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Hey guys,

First of all, I don't know if this was already ask or planned (maybe it's the point of the speech bubble icon ?) and I apologize if it was.

I began to take an interest in the forum these days and take part in some threads but it's hard to remember where you asked or answered a question, so I thought it could be useful to choose (like in the settings) to choose to follow some threads and be notified when someone answered.

It could be useful to mods and super mods (especially if they are mods on several games or/and series) to be aware of any conversation on every forum, making them more efficient to help or answer if needed.

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There is a notification update in the make as far as i know.
Not sure if thread notifications are on the list but when the update is live i guess they can be added cause it sounds like a nice feature.

the speech bubble icon is a private message system that is planned also to be released.

release dates are: when they are done.


I think Trollbear summed it up right

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I wasn't aware of this future feature despite my looking on previous threads.
But yeah, it could be an useful feature, making it easier to take part in some forums we don't usually visit often.

Thanks for the clarification.


You should also be able to follow games and users to get notified about PBs of those users / games. Not sure if this is planned. With all those notifications, it should probably be some kind of Timeline actually.

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What I'm currently working on will add a whole bunch of notifications you can enable, including notifications for games you've favourited (i.e. the possibility of favouriting games will also be added). In addition, for each type of notification you can also choose to receive an email when you get a notification (which will default to off).
The scope of this update is limited to favouriting games, but more could/will happen at a later date.
Subscribing to entire forums will be possible after the update, subscribing to specific threads not yet, but it's a logical extension.

Since it's all still a work in progress I don't want to be going into too much detail since some things will probably removed/added before it's finished.

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