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I mean, I'm getting it too


Minor bug: Times in the "Recent Runs" table don't respect displaying .000 for milliseconds if that option has been set. Not sure if it was mentioned here earlier.

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The runs from this category now display as "Drink & Sit" in the browser tab's title instead of reading as "Drink & Sit"

I've noticed this too before the update with Among Us runs since one of the subcategories is called Mouse & Keyboard so this isn't a new bug

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It's been said several times already, but the main problem to me is that we're no longer able to show every category/subcategory at once on leaderboards with more than a few categories. If a community decides that a certain number of categories should be visible on the main leaderboard page, then those categories should be made visible. Hiding categories behind a drop down or an arrow button makes those categories effectively hidden to someone casually browsing the leaderboard, which goes against the wishes of the community.

Contrary to how the update post made it seem, the list of categories isn't just some annoying menu that should be moved out of the way. It is an important part of the leaderboard. Sometimes people go to the leaderboard for the sole purpose of browsing categories. Being able to see all the main categories at once can allow runners and viewers to find new categories they would have otherwise missed, which is a major consideration when deciding whether to make a category main or misc. But with this update, several categories will no longer have that exposure.

We already had functionality for hiding categories with the Misc. dropdowns. We should be given more tools for organizing the leaderboard, not have existing tools taken away. This update just comes across as Elo thinking they know better than the communities that run the leaderboards, which goes against the community-run spirit of this site. Let us decide how to format our own leaderboards.

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I'd appreciate a role permission specifically for users to post news, as those people don't overlap with the moderators for us.

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Why is the "Games Followed" section with the number of visits still public on our profiles?


I like the games I follow being public

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Moderator since is not accurate at all. It says I am moderator of Doshin the Giant since 2020 while the audit log shows logs from 2017. If data is shown publicly, it would be nice if it is accurate..

Edit: oh wow, they actually took the date of my first verified run of the leaderboard. That's weird.

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Not sure if it's been mentioned, but I'm staring at a run on the Kirby's Dream Land boards that shows as being run "tomorrow" under Recent Runs instead of today.

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  [user deleted]
(edited: ) really outdid themselves with this new update, lol.

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The put it the wrong way around

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In the moderation hub, all the times are "none" for me. They appear fine in every page other than some of the new features (like Recent Runs).

Also, make it so you can click the category name to instantly go to the leaderboard. I could do this in the old layout, and still can, by clicking the View button to go to the individual submission, but that should not be required.

Also, the Recent Runs table is completely useless for ILs. What it should show is IL name and category, not just category. If having both is not possible, then just the IL would be preferable. Having to hover over the category to see which IL was actually done is a waste of time and effort.

The game stats are shown in an unintuitive manner. When I see "number slash number" I think of one of two things: either it's a division, or it's "x out of y". But the current Game Stats have it as "Total / Active", which is the complete opposite of what I would expect it to be. It should be "10 active players out of 273 total", not "273 total players, of which 10 are active"
And then Guides and Resources use the same slash sign, making it look like there's 15 guides out of 17 resources. This is just inconsistent with the way the other items are presented in the table. Why can't resources just be put in a line below?

EDIT: It appears the "None" bug was caused by switching the default timing method to "Time with loads". This has always been the default method for that particular leaderboard, but for some reason the default option after this update became "without loads", which broke everything for some reason. (This is completely backwards, a lot of games don't have proper loadless until the community develops tools for it, so it shouldn't have been the default option)

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Related: I'm not able to change the timing methods on my leaderboards. When I try, the method goes back to "without loads" and the above "None" bug occurs.

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The new profiles are very good, well done. How about a "Current WRs/1st places held" in the "About" section?


Bug: The date references (e.g. last month) in the recent runs widget don't use the language setting of but of the browser itself.

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Disabling Comments does not turn off the ability to comment on news. Please add an option to disable comments on News as well.

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