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Comments on runs are one of the worst ideas that could have possibly been implemented. Please either remove them or, at minimum, allow moderators to turn off comments per game.

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There would be nothing wrong imo with comments on runs if the actual runner could moderate them


"In the spirit of increasing the social aspect of beyond just forums" -quoted from the update announcement

Also what lol? The forums are incredibly neglected, so should effort be spend on "increasing the social aspect beyond just the forums" when people keep asking for effort to be spent on the forums

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Here is my personal collection of feedback:

---- Comments ----

Each individual comment should only be visible to the person who has submitted the run, and the individual commenter themselves. There is zero reason, currently, why comments need to be widely publicly visible. The section isn't a thread system like in YouTube comments and isn't meant for critique either like YouTube's system is designed for, they're just static comments you can simply 'Like'.

This would circumvent mods receiving any extra workload, and would require you to simply include an option on the user's end to be able to disable comments. Possibly could be done individually per run during submission, or globally via settings.

If you leave them widely visible to the public, Mods need the tools to turn them off, fully delete comments and ban certain users from commenting on their particular game. Mods should also receive notifications of comments made. The runner should also have these same features, including the ability to ban users from commenting on their runs.

---- Profiles -----

- A lot of the info on profile pages is, frankly, sort of redundant. Posts made? Likes received/given? Time for your very first post and most recent? Why is any of the aforementioned necessary? These are just a total waste of space on the side bar in my opinion.

- 'Games Run' is sort of pointless because there's a list of games you have run literally on the left. The information on total time is ... ok? But same thing for the total run count, it literally can be viewed on the left by just clicking obsolete runs. I don't know if this is meant to parallel the ability to order your games list because you can kind of control the order by using followed games... but really just please allow us to manually structure our full games list on the left. This section isn't necessary, it's just bloat.

- Games followed should be private.

- Games Moderated shouldn't publicly show review count, and the time is just an unnecessary addition. I'm not even sure why it's shown here, other than maybe because these widgets were designed with the requirement to have some kind of value on the right side??? Which if that's the case, I mean... it's a sign of cutting corners or something?

- Allow proper formatting on the 'Bio' section. You can basically only make a block of text currently, why? Why are "Enter" inputs, or rather Paragraph Breaks, non-functional?


---- Leaderboards ----

- Moderators should be near the top, it's important info that should be above forum posts and game stats.

- Verifiers should be able to view Edit Game as before to be able to remove themselves if they want.

- Font is way too small. I'm on a low resolution and it's still kind of small for me, I can't imagine people on 1080p and higher.

- The placement numbers should either have a hashtag before each number or include the suffixes such as 'st' and 'th. I have no idea why 'Recent Runs' includes these but the actual leaderboard does not.

- Discord should be an actual named link, not just the generic discord button used on social medias. Same with the website listings.

- Recent Runs shouldn't include obsolete runs, at all, not even with a - next to it. There's no need to include obsoleted runs, especially in popular games.

- Why are subcategories changed into a dropdown if there's more than 3 (?) subcategories? If the space is there, use it. It's better than a dropdown and extra, unnecessary click.

- Why are platforms changed into an unexpanded format if there's more than so many? I honestly can't tell if this is a troll or not, because the mod hub was released in the state it was, with zero ability to unexpand elements, but this is unexpanded needlessly? And I mean, you were on the ability to unexpand in the mod hub pretty quickly... but what is the thought process here? This is why you guys need beta testers -- and if you have some, get more. We're willing to do this for free.

- Category tabs text is too dark if they're not the currently selected category. I had another user @NeviutzNeviutz tell me he could barely see NG+ True Ending on this game: because the text is darkened too much on certain brightness settings.

- Why are all game names and categories forced into capital letters needlessly?

And finally, unrelated, but please add the ability to claim runs in the mod hub. It's irritating how this is, without question, the most useful thing you could add to the mod hub and we still don't have it after a month of the mod hub being up.

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'Games Run' is sort of pointless because there's a list of games you have run literally on the left. The information on total time is ... ok? But same thing for the total run count, it literally can be viewed on the left by just clicking obsolete runs.
You cannot check obsolete IL runs on a player's profile, and there's no convenient way to check the full & IL runs simultaneously. Even for people who only run full game categories, it's a lot more compact than showing all the obsolete runs and counting them manually, and allows people to see the most run game immediately.

I agree that players should be able to reorder their games, but the "games run" tab would still be interesting and worth keeping.

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I think that's more just a flaw of the current IL section, if anything. Which hopefully is going to be drastically improved soon. IL layout has been dreadful for years now, and ideally should mirror all the functions of the full game section on profiles.

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Sure, hopefully that'll happen soon—and preferably without the now-typical bumpy implementation, though I wouldn't bet on it—but my point wasn't just the ILs. For example, to me it's interesting to know that @AngrylanksAngrylanks has submitted 57 runs across 6 categories in Contra, but I wouldn't want to spend the time counting them manually to learn that.

I'm happy that info is succinctly available now.

Edit: Although the category count collectively treats the same IL category across different levels as one, which is not what I'd expect.

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As pointed out in another thread from @Yummy_Bacon5Yummy_Bacon5 here ( ;
This run already has 2,000 spam comments and it makes me sick that Elo has no way of mass-moderating these 🙁

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So we're keeping the blatant privacy violations, then?

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Here’s a meme by @ShayyShayy about the new comment feature

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So we're keeping the blatant privacy violations, then?

I would recommend everyone to just unfollow every game they follow, until src fixed this bs

I hate them so much. I wish there would be an alternative ready yet. This is just such a shame.
Community driven my ass.


Wait, you can just "restore message"? Deleted messages just show "this message is deleted", but aren't actually deleted?
The fuck?

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@Oreo321Oreo321 yeah of course 🙂 its so that if you wanted the spam messages back you can do that 🙂


@Oreo321Oreo321 the original poster of a comment was able to edit the comment even after deletion, and re-write the original message potentially. However, I think this has been fixed now, and comments can now be properly deleted (?)

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some feedback


no. please axe this entirely this is a really bad no good idea. you really wanna invite the most notoriously difficult to moderate aspect of YouTube straight onto a website where moderators are volunteers with far fewer resources? Helllllllll no dawg I did not sign up for that, delete.

Statistics on Profile Page:

Neat. I would actually like more statistics like the number of games you've ran, stuff sr.c used to have that got removed for some reason. It'd be right at home on this new display.

"Games Followed" showing which boards you've visited, how much and when is incredibly strange though and kind of weird and violating. Please do not.

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Originally posted by Maste007
I would recommend everyone to just unfollow every game they follow, until src fixed this bs

I did this yesterday, but ofc the one thing they didn't think of is people actually unfollowing games, so the stats remain on your profile. Lovely.

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Assuming this thread is still being monitored, I would like to ask if the useless widgets on the game pages are staying, can they at least be optional? I find the forum posts one quite depressing, since the 3 most recent threads were 3 months, 1 year and 3 years ago. This makes the community look a lot less active than it actually is.



I did this yesterday, but ofc the one thing they didn't think of is people actually unfollowing games, so the stats remain on your profile. Lovely.

I mean it took for me 24 hours to take effect. Which is super dumb and stupid. Caching hooray

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Aside from all the criticism about comments (theres plenty of that so I suppose elo can already see the problem) I still hope we can get a change so people can chose to have 1 timing method (like rta for example) being the main focus and using the second timer (like IGT) for tie-breaks. Theres a lot of games that try to have minimum% categories and need to use 1 for the goal (number of items, number of presses of a button, etc) and the other for the time so in case 2 people get the same goal the fastest gets the wr (as its still speedrunning)

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