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As well as game names and profile names, the breadcrumbs and the current thread should ALSO not be capitalized.

Edit: It's very easy to do.
Just remove the "text-transform: uppercase;" from "widget-title" class, please.

I tried it with a custom CSS tool, and profile/game pages look much more tidy this way.

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I'm afraid I've got yet another report about the "Followed Games" widget:

Yesterday, when I checked that widget it reported that I had exactly 1000 total visits to the Pepsiman page:

However, it appears I've discovered about the wonders of time travel and I managed to clock less visits today, sitting at a measly 4 total visits:

Wha happun?

PS: The only thing I can think of that could possibly trigger this is that I accidentally removed Pepsiman from my Followed Games list (and promptly re-added it), but does that really affect the amount of visits I've made to a page?

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@MrMonshMrMonsh per another report I've seen: yes, it appears that removing and re-following a game clears its Visits count.

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Hate it. Change it back plz


Please remove the followed games tab on other user's profiles or at least add the option to remove it from public view - it has never been a feature and it's so strange to out of nowhere make it fully public on all profiles.

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Even if you unfollow the games, they are still listed.
Its straight up bs

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@Matse007Matse007 due to the discrepancy between number of a user's forum posts in the "info" and "about" sections;
It seems that the new side-bar section is taking all it's data from a cache, which takes some time to get updated.

So if you unfollow a game, it will take some time to disappear from your profile.

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How long does this take then? You cannot tell me the cache takes a whole day to refresh.

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I have zero idea how that cache works.
I know that when you update trophy icons in any game, it can take up to several hours until they are updated for everyone.

So it doesn't inspire much confidence.

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So not only are the new info boxes redundant, they're also potentially inaccurate lol

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Src is not a social media site stop trying to turn it into one.
"In the spirit of increasing the social aspect of beyond just forums" -quoted from the update announcement

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@Matse007Matse007 Yesterday, it took about an hour for the games to disappear from my profile when I unfollowed them all. It took somewhat less time for the ones I refollowed to come back.

Based on past experience with cache issues, it'll probably vary based on the given day's traffic.


I just unfollowed all my games and it seems to have taken effect immediately (at least, I can't see them when viewing my own profile), so I guess mileage varies on that one


Comments on runs are one of the worst ideas that could have possibly been implemented. Please either remove them or, at minimum, allow moderators to turn off comments per game.

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There would be nothing wrong imo with comments on runs if the actual runner could moderate them


"In the spirit of increasing the social aspect of beyond just forums" -quoted from the update announcement

Also what lol? The forums are incredibly neglected, so should effort be spend on "increasing the social aspect beyond just the forums" when people keep asking for effort to be spent on the forums

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'Games Run' is sort of pointless because there's a list of games you have run literally on the left. The information on total time is ... ok? But same thing for the total run count, it literally can be viewed on the left by just clicking obsolete runs.
You cannot check obsolete IL runs on a player's profile, and there's no convenient way to check the full & IL runs simultaneously. Even for people who only run full game categories, it's a lot more compact than showing all the obsolete runs and counting them manually, and allows people to see the most run game immediately.

I agree that players should be able to reorder their games, but the "games run" tab would still be interesting and worth keeping.

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Sure, hopefully that'll happen soon—and preferably without the now-typical bumpy implementation, though I wouldn't bet on it—but my point wasn't just the ILs. For example, to me it's interesting to know that @AngrylanksAngrylanks has submitted 57 runs across 6 categories in Contra, but I wouldn't want to spend the time counting them manually to learn that.

I'm happy that info is succinctly available now.

Edit: Although the category count collectively treats the same IL category across different levels as one, which is not what I'd expect.

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As pointed out in another thread from @Yummy_Bacon5Yummy_Bacon5 here ( ;
This run already has 2,000 spam comments and it makes me sick that Elo has no way of mass-moderating these 🙁

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