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@Secrert_WonkySecrert_Wonky I still have access to both the stats boxes and run comments. I’m on mobile. Are they gone on desktop now?

Feedback: I don’t like that deleting my own run comment (on my own run) just leaves a blank “this comment was deleted” box. I see no reason I shouldn’t be able to actually delete it.

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I’m on mobile too @PearPear but I just realized the stats and comments don’t work on my device.

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But I know you are following Super Mario Odyssey Category Extensions hehe


Small complaint. Why is the "Community Website" name field removed? All we have now is just an icon of the site, but it doesn't allow us to describe WHAT the site is until users click it (if they even decide to). I'm seriously wondering what's up with this.

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So things i personally bothered me once i clicked through the new site:

My leaderboards are broke, not really but my fine tuned layout went to shit:
- Categories and Subcategories should be all shown like before, people are able to put them in Misc. to add a dropdown. I used this frequently.
- there is less space for variables, in paradox speedrunning we additionally sort by ingame date where we use variables to show it because the ingame date measures years. Please make it larger again, i see there is space even without removing space for precios ads.
- Custom named timing/sorting methods would alternatively be great
- Website Names should be a thing again, we used it for a shared subreddit to post WR and runs to for the whole series.
- Now that it is shown like with profiles you might as well add all social media options.

To my profiles i could complain about everything but i just list a alternative:
Instead of showing followed games, moderated games, run games. Just add featured games people can opt into.
You should be able to opt into statistics maybe: none - anonymised (just show total) - featured
Also Bio should at least understand "Enter" you can get a second line with enough characters but i like minimal formating,
and a bio doesnt replace a flair, give us like 40 characters to put in the forum where pronouns are currently.
Also thinking about bio, a bio or describtion for games would be great!

And Comments... Yeah Comments.
I hope you have a basic filter in place because I wont bother to moderate that mess.
Or the option to opt out even if i like comments in theory, but generally runs are uploaded to youtube there is also a comment section.
Restict comments to people with verified runs (like guides) thats at least minimal effort probably.
Runners should be able to remove all comments besided moderator ones. And opt out on it personally.
Leave comments at least for the runner and moderators.

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In games that have some categories using times without loads, and other categories using time with loads, the new "Recent run" box shows the time of runs without time without load as "none".

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Obsoleted runs in Recent Runs should have the hyphen:

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I added a mod to my game but they wont show up?


I'm sure some people like the idea of comments on runs, but adding a feature like that without any options to disable or even properly remove comments seems incredibly short sighted, as said before most runs are uploaded on youtube and already have their comment sections there, and we all know how much of a mess youtube comments are already, and with no effective moderation src comments would surely end up even worse.

Some of the other stuff is nice, I'm personally a fan of all the random statistics, I find it quite interesting, but again with no options to show/hide any of this stuff it can come across very stalkerish to a lot of people.

I think the main gripe here is that we want a little customization, you can't please everyone with a single solution, so allow us to toggle different settings around to how we personally like it.

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For the news section: I'd like to get Polls as a feature! So that we can put out a statement asking for people's opinions and see what the response is. Would also like to be able to limit the responses to be from people that have actually submitted a run to the board (to prevent spamming from non-runners).

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Could you make it so I can permanently delete comments on runs? I don't want it to just show it's been deleted, I want the person's comment to be removed entirely.

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Speaking of the news section, how useful a feature is this actually? I imagine most games have a Discord by now for such things. Having said that, I'm not against it, was just wondering why SRC is trying to become a social media platform rather than a database

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@PentaghastPentaghast The news feature was actually asked for, as part of tools for moderators.

This is a great place to notify runners if anything special happened on the leaderboard - new categories, category changes, rule changes, etc.
Previously, the way to do that was on a sticky thread in the game forum.

As for discord - not all (or even most) games have discord servers; and even if they do, runners don't have to join there.

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@Oreo321Oreo321 that's fair, didn't think of it being used for that sort of stuff - from a moderation POV that's actually quite useful then


Can you remove the privacy invading details on my profile already? It's none of anyone's business to see what games I follow, nor how often I do any moderation, besides other moderators of games I moderate.

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"the games and users update" and yet you guys still haven't fixed broken profiles like mine. i legitimately don't know if you guys are trolling at this point or if you're being serious because this is too absurd to be real.


honestly it seems like people are getting url variable names on purpose and then "rage" when those names break stuff,
src should have a non overlaping link system without shortenings but honestly @useruser is probably an alt anyways.

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I think that comments section on runs could produce toxicity in the speedrun community, I guess that youtube comments are enough.

Also, I think that forum post likes and dates are not relevant, think that should not be shown in the front page.



but honestly @useruser is probably an alt anyways.

just bcs i don't speedrun doesn't mean i should have a broken account and it doesn't mean that i'm an alt. not everyone on this site actually speedrun, there are people who make an account to talk with others on the forums as well. i find it to be a nice place to talk to people about speedruns, even though i don't speedrun myself because i don't have the time to do it, and the 1 run i have was done solely to prevent my account from being deleted by someone else. moreover, even if i was an alt, ghosting my requests and my thread about the situation of certain accounts will only delay this broken feature, which shouldn't be preferred over fixing it.

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@survivalMichisurvivalMichi The whole bunch of new accounts with URL variable names, only started in the last month.
@useruser is here for 9 months, so you can't blame him for trying to break the site.

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