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hey all. I have mostly the same complaints about game pages, but i found this and i'm not sure if i'm just really stupid or if it's just not functional anymore.
I appreciate the changes you are trying to make, but i heavily urge you to give it to avid site users (such as many in this forum) to test and suggest changes before releasing, because it's apparent that hasn't happened and not doing it had a negative result.
- Ivory

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Something I forgot to report in my earlier post is that the "Last visited" dates for followed games have a mix of english and whatever your local language is (which in my case it happens to be spanish).


EDIT: The "Recent Runs" on the leaderboards actually have the entire date on the local language. While this is marginally better than the previous case, it's still in contrast with the rest of the widget (which is in english).


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I don't understand why followed games became public information in the first place, but if they are to be public, it seems backwards to me that you can see every game a random person follows, but not who's following a particular game.

I'm much more interested in seeing who follows the games I care about.

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I sincerely hope this update is a joke because I am now strongly considering deleting my account and just making my own portfolio instead. The fact that Elo just keeps ignoring everyone and doing everything for their own pleasure will continue to turn off more users on this site and it won't be long from now. Please for the love of God, STOP and LISTEN TO US FOR ONCE. No one asked for any of this, and not to mention now we have pointless ads on the sides. We're now far from what used to make this site so charming in the first place, and it's going from infuriating to pure exasperation.

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No bugs to report but I do have feedback, nothing new really but just to add my 2 cents

- Everything is too small.
- Everything on the right-hand side is unnecessary information which clogs up the page.
- Hiding subcategories in a drop-down menu is bad UI.
- Game pages are just ugly.
- Game forums look okay but again, so much useless information on the right-hand side.
- Was anybody asking to be able to see the amount of times you've looked at a game's page?

Change for change's sake is never a good idea. If it ain't broke, don't break it. I appreciate the thought I guess, but it's a really bad job, guys.

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^ I just noticed that as well, actually lol. I honestly feel I cannot overstate how bad a redesign this is.

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There seems to be a lot of hating, largely justified, but I want to start with some positives. Firstly I'm really glad that the site now has a unified theme. Whatever your own opinion on the theme change is (I personally think it's fine), it's definitely better to have one theme throughout. The leaderboard layout itself is fine, the page just needs to increase in size by about 50%. Showing game stats and recent runs on the main board page is a great addition, showing the forum posts alongside that however is not so idea for many communities. I think that would be best solved with an option. On to my complaint...

Alright look the "Games Followed" box on every user is actually ridiculous, I know others are complaining about it but I have to pile on because this never should have happened. This should have at worst an option to disable it, and should really be opt-in not opt-out. Ideally it probably wouldn't exist at all, seems like pointless information and it is quite surprising to me that it's even being tracked. Seriously though who thought this box even needed to exist in the first place??? For the majority of users the page is already far longer than their PB list just because of these sidebars scrolling off the screen.

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Originally posted by Tuttereywhy is stats still there when you can view it on the side?

@TuttereyTutterey While I agree showing the same info twice in the same page is a bit ridiculous, the Statistics page is as of the writing of this post the only place where you can see the WR progression graph, so it still has a reason to stick around for a bit.

Maybe they could make it so that the stats info widget doesn't appear when on this particular tab? It'd make it seem a bit more fleshed out.

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I like the statistics in the about section on our profiles, but they seem pretty slow to update. My last post before this was 34 minutes ago:

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Similar to what @WalgreyWalgrey said - not only that the games' names are wrongly capitalized, user names in the new "about" section are wrongly capitalized too.

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@hahhah42hahhah42 I’m not sure where you’re seeing a “most recent post” tracker. Were you thinking of “last online”?


@PearPear look at the number of posts in the "info" section and the number of comments in the "about" section, they don't match.

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Ah, got it, thanks Oreo.


Here's something I just noticed, when a mod deletes a comment on a run, it only deletes the content and not the comment box itself. The poster of said comment can then edit it back to what it originally said. As pointed out before, at no point is a moderator made aware of any of this happening.

I understand it's not cool to shit on somebody's hard work or whatever, but come on, this is ridiculous.

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would be nice:
- disable comment section over your runs
- remove unnecessary stats (ie, leaving only first run / total run time) on your page, make it cleaner overall, as you've mentioned on the blogpost.
- manual game sorting in either of the boxes
- a way to edit the fontsize on our pages or the games we moderate

p.s - stats when?
rest of the update is bearable.

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There's a lack of consistency between how the leaderboards and the Recent Runs pane display relative time (leaderboards say my time and Kaeldori's were set 2 years ago, Recent Runs say 3 years ago). The Recent Runs pane below also says that Crrool's old PB was 6th, when there have never been any more than five runners on the Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales any% leaderboard.

Thanks for fixing the truncation of my name on the leaderboards!

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@GarfieldTheLightningGarfieldTheLightning It appears the "recent runs" section show all runs, even obsolete ones. You can see it shows @CrroolCrrool twice in the Any% category.

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Another thing about the "Recent Runs" widget: While I appreciate that it highlights both full game and IL runs alike (finally sending some love towards IL's way), there's no way to distinguish which is which other than taking a guess when looking at the final time.

Distinguishing full game runs vs IL runs is one thing (since the disparity in times should be a dead giveaway), but there's no way to distinguish runs from 2 different ILs other than going to the actual run/IL leaderboard to check, which is a mild inconvenience.

In this example, the runs marked in red are all ILs that belong to different levels:

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Different platforms for games being hidden away under a dropdown is a big no for me. I worry this will really hurt the visibility of any platform that's not the default. (Edit: might happen only when there's more than 3 platforms? Still a big issue imo)

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