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The new leaderboard is too large. Pls, decrease the font-size to 6px, it would be better, thank you Elo.

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Originally posted by ankaid
The new leaderboard is too large. Pls, decrease the font-size to 6px, it would be better, thank you Elo.

Based and russianpilled

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Hey everyone I just want to say thanks! Sorry I haven't been replying to you individually, but I'm reading through every single thing here and documenting it. My document is also shared with the developers who are already working on some of these fixes

I want to thank you for your patience, and please keep coming forward with your bugs and feedback, it helps a ton 🙂

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I'm in the favor of adding people who get to bug-test the site before a feature is officially added. Who else is with me?
Edit: Maybe give them something that make them stand apart from other users as well so that they know who is a bug tester and who isn't, a badge or something could work.

Edit 2: If something like this does get added eventually I'd like to also volunteer in bug testing the site. No pressure though.

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I second what @HiHi said. Every update seems to have like 0 bug testing done and we always manage to find bugs and break the site within minutes. I would gladly be a beta tester even if its just free labor in my free time.

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This is something that caught my attention and is really bothering me.

The game names are all uppercase.
As someone who greatly cares about how game names are formatted on the site, I think this should be reverted ASAP. The name of the game above is stylized as "Skylanders: SWAP Force". If it's all shown as uppercase, you can't see this stylization.

Edit: Furthermore, I have a huge issue with the game covers. They're way too small now. If you couldn't see the game's name in the image I posted, would you be able to read the game's name from the cover? No. At least you'd have a difficult time doing so. It would just look better if they could be larger.

Edit 2: This capitalization stylization also extends to category names. I'd just really prefer if they were what they were originally instead of being all uppercase. It also sorta messes with categories whose capitalization is somewhat important.
Example: (Wii being in all uppercase when it shouldn't)

Edit 3: Collapsing multiple sub-categories into a dropdown is great and all, but it now messes with misc subcategories. Below is a leaderboard where "Ice (Legacy)" is a misc sub-category. We marked it as misc because while it is something we'd still like to keep track, it's now longer a category that can be played anymore. But now, despite being marked as misc, it's now grouped together with the other sub-categories. It would be better if it could be listed separately somehow.
Hopefully you can find a workaround for this.

Edit 4: I also dislike having to click on the leaderboard's drop-down just to check if the game has a level leaderboard/category extension page or not. Originally, this wasn't an issue because you could just see them. Hopefully other people understand where I'm coming from.

Edit 5: You can't even read the funy SWAP Force CE cover anymore 🙁

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If you are using the date feature to see older versions of the leaderboard, once you click 'current', it does not take you back to current time.

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The so-called “obscure platforms” are now hidden in a drop-down menu, which in most cases doesn’t really make sense. I couldn’t find a setting to undo this.


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I think someone mentioned this earlier in the thread, but some categories are not showing up on the leaderboard and no arrow button is appearing either to be able to get to them.

As an example, I could access this particular category through URL but not through the leaderboard UI itself:

Other comments and minor gripes:
1. Please bring back the breadcrumb links for forum threads/posts, as they made it a lot easier to navigate the forums.
2. The font on leaderboards is too small for my taste, for both submitted runs and the UI elements like buttons and stuff, which makes it a bit harder to navigate.
3. The top 3-4 places don't show the rank in plain text like it used to, and the rest only show the number and not the "st" or "th" (like @LivLiv mentioned earlier). Not only do I find this a bit odd, it's also inconsistent with the current user profiles, which do show the placement in the old fashion (and quite frankly, I still like that better).
4. The "Misc." category container no longer has an arrow/chevron icon, so it's a bit hard to distinguish it from the rest as a "container" rather than a proper category.
5. Info about who moderates a game sounds like something you'd like at the top rather than at the very bottom of the page. I get that everyone might not agree with this, so maybe some setting for Super Mods to re-arrange the widgets of their own leaderboard would help immensely with this.
6. Following with the idea of widgets, please give us a setting to hide and/or re-arrange certain widgets on our user profiles. I don't particularly have anything to hide from the info on display, but it does give the user a certain feeling of being... exposed.
7. As for comments on runs, I'm not particularly against them, but given the current bot problem on the forums, I'd prefer to have a way to disable comments on my own runs (and a setting for Super Mods to disable comments on any runs on their leaderboard). Even if we were to keep comments, I think also having a setting that allows you to review comments made on your own runs before they're allowed to be public (like on YouTube) would be a big help to keep them clean.
8. I fully agree with the idea of having a beta testing environment (and I'd personally love to opt in). Over the past year we've proven ourselves capable of finding bugs and breaking stuff very quickly, so really there's no reason not to harness that power. 🙂

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The size on mobile is too small so could you make it bigger

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I also can’t find the misc category on ice dodo 4

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When editing a run it's the old layout

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Hey all, here's a list of changes deployed so far today:

Bug fixes:
Fixed game news pages not loading
Fixed showing comment form when not signed in (now hidden)
Fixed game news preview/submissions not working
Fixed issue where game moderators could edit run comments (they can still delete them)
Fixed unrestricted length of "bio", now 140 characters max, truncated bios of users who submitted extra long bios
Fixed game verifier having "Super Mod" icon in comments
Fixed broken lock/stick/edit topic links
Fixed missing breadcrumb navigation on forums and threads
Fixed broken resource links

Improve styling of comment input box
Improved styling of comments with continuous text to not overflow the container
Improved styling of leaderboards (larger font, less aggressive name truncation)
Improved styling of bio to not easily overflow the container
Made "Level Leaderboard" in drop-down a link
Made "Report Comment" only show when reasonable

Don't worry, more changes to come!

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I don’t like the look of the forums and games

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Thanks all for the very helpful feedback. I'm sorry that you've had to report so many bugs - we are actively making improvements and I suspect you'll find everything to be in a much better state very soon.

I want to specifically acknowledge that leaderboard navigation is not in an acceptable place right now, with some games having missing/hidden/inaccessible categories and sub-categories. This is obviously a big problem, but we're working on it!

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It's pretty irritating that the "Leaderboards" tab is still a dropdown even when there's only a single leaderboard defined:

Although I feel like it'd still be kind of annoying even if there were other leaderboards, since now you have you'd have to click twice for ILs or category extensions, instead of just once from the sidebar buttons on the previous layout, but even disregarding that it's still silly that it has a dropdown list when there's only one option anyway.

I do appreciate the Recent Runs box though, that's cool. Always annoyed me that there wasn't something like that for individual games but there was for series pages.

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hey all. I have mostly the same complaints about game pages, but i found this and i'm not sure if i'm just really stupid or if it's just not functional anymore.
I appreciate the changes you are trying to make, but i heavily urge you to give it to avid site users (such as many in this forum) to test and suggest changes before releasing, because it's apparent that hasn't happened and not doing it had a negative result.
- Ivory

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Something I forgot to report in my earlier post is that the "Last visited" dates for followed games have a mix of english and whatever your local language is (which in my case it happens to be spanish).


EDIT: The "Recent Runs" on the leaderboards actually have the entire date on the local language. While this is marginally better than the previous case, it's still in contrast with the rest of the widget (which is in english).


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I don't understand why followed games became public information in the first place, but if they are to be public, it seems backwards to me that you can see every game a random person follows, but not who's following a particular game.

I'm much more interested in seeing who follows the games I care about.

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I sincerely hope this update is a joke because I am now strongly considering deleting my account and just making my own portfolio instead. The fact that Elo just keeps ignoring everyone and doing everything for their own pleasure will continue to turn off more users on this site and it won't be long from now. Please for the love of God, STOP and LISTEN TO US FOR ONCE. No one asked for any of this, and not to mention now we have pointless ads on the sides. We're now far from what used to make this site so charming in the first place, and it's going from infuriating to pure exasperation.

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