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The Games & Users Update is here! This update brings you fresh new layouts and more features which you can read more about here

Have opinions on the new update? Let us know here! Love it or hate it, we want to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve

We look forward to hearing what you think!

This thread is now locked! Please make sure to report all your bugs and feedback over here

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The links next to the title of the forum post made it easy to navigate. Those are gone. More customization of the site would be nice.

Edit: On the edit game page things are a little cluttered.

Emojis don’t work on your bio

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Breadcrumbs to the forum posts would be nice. And be able to disable some features, for example:

- show/hide followed games on your profile
- enable/disable comments on your runs
- enable/disable comments for runs on this leaderboard

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So far the update looks pretty good for forums, however I strongly dislike the way the games leaderboards look now. I don't think there were any flaws in the old layout and look, I haven't seen anyone complain about the look of the leaderboards, the only thing some users were complaining about was the active runners and the game's view count as they were very inaccurate at times (which are still broken by the way).
You also did remove a few features either by accident or intentionally, such as this one:

Originally posted by Bob-chicken The links next to the title of the forum post made it easy to navigate. Those are gone.

One more thing that I don't like is that, while showing that you can display even more information now, I don't want everyone to know this much information about me and my profile, and there is currently no way to toggle certain things on/off.

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News on games don't work when posted. You get "redirected" to the front page and nothing. The preview also renders the front page in the modal.

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Can you make there be an option to where games with more than 4 subcategories can show all of them instead of making them a dropdown? There are a few games I moderate that have this problem, since none of them are misc or anything. Also, one of the games I moderate doesn't have an arrow to scroll over to misc so it looks like the categories just do not exist. Other than that, I'm more on the neutral side.

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When there are lots of categories, you have to click for hours on the ">" icon to scroll through them. Please make it show a list instead or do what was there before.
This leaderboard can be accessed via URL but is not in the category list.

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Also the arrow doesn't show up for some people, for example the Misc tab on this game is completely inaccessible:

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Yes, mods can edit them, but it only shows that they got edited, but not who edited them. Quite strange decision.

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- Font size on leaderboards are too small. Right-side contents took too much space, and I doubt if people really care about contents such as Game Stats to have it take such a huge space on the main leaderboard page.
- The right-side contents is even more irrelevant on a game series page, especially when series forums are very rarely used.
- Hard to find the full IL page, the text "Level Leaderboard" on the drop-down menu should be clickable to go to the full IL page at least. Or just show it directly on sidebar instead of having to click the drop-down.

Recent runs feature is neat though, but definitely could be spaced in a different way to not push the actual leaderboard too much.

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I'm a fan of the active player statistics information on the sides of the game pages. With that said,
- The text size on the submitted runs seems much too small, it is more legible on 110% or 120% browser zoom
- Mods can edit comments anonymously which seems quite strange, maybe show an edit history or show which moderator edited it? Or disable editing other peoples' comments altogether
- Usernames are cut off unnecessarily when there is plenty of room to accommodate them, as GarfieldTheLightning mentioned
- Some of the information, e.g. number of visits and followed categories should be optionally public. Not everyone wants to display this information
- I'm not really a fan of the new blocky typeface. I think it has a kind of garish gamer-y look. I think the leaderboards should prioritise remaining clear and legible over anything else

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Misc runs hidden by default and with no tab to view them unless they are the 'main' category in the hierarchy?


Edit: Looks like this got fixed at least.

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Mods editing comments doesn't show up in the audit log either. monkaS

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As others have said, the decision to make arrow button scrolling for leaderboards with many categories is not a good decision when it comes to functionality.

You'll be pressing the scroll button like 10 times for big category extension leaderboards. To me it's more important a leaderboard works than if it looks good aesthetically, I don't agree with this design choice.

The right side info is also not only taking up a lot of space, but arguably misleading. The "Players (Total/ Active)" statistic is not accurate (nor has it been while the game statistics were on another page). The active players statistic does not take into account individual level runs, which is misleading for any game that has more focused on individual levels.

On a positive note, the "Game Resources page" now formats descriptions correctly, it used to be that resource descriptions would not wrap next correctly, with words cut off on the right side of the page.

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1. Bug: Recent runs will show time as "None" when runs use IGT: (This seem to work for some games I moderator that only use IGT, but not Vanquish. Maybe it's due to the game having 3 options for: "Time without loads", "Time with loads" and "In-game time" that messes it up somehow, even when not used?)

2. I feel it's a confusing to use the Rank Icons as the "Rank" for Recent Runs and not just "1st place", "2nd place", etc. Some games might not have proper Gold, Silver, Bronze colors and thus being hard to tell.

3. Let runners have the option to disable comments on their runs.

4. Acessing the "Edit Game, Theme and Audit Log" feels way too hidden under this tiny little sword icon. Maybe write text next to the sword like: "Moderation" or "Moderation Tools" or something?

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A lot of the statistics now shown on profile pages feel either unnecessary or would be a privacy concern for most people. e.g. why do people need to see how many times I've visited each game I follow and when?

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