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I noticed the site supports certain BBcodes but not all, is there a reference that we can use? OMGScoots


Sorry for reviving this thread,
but is there a list of supported BBcodes?

Kinda needed for formatting our TP guides.

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Text formatting (BBCode)

BBCode is a tag based markup language you can use to organize and stylize your text. Which tags are available is different per implementation and this site is no different. The BBCode can be used in guides, on the forums, in rules, in run comments and on the about page of marathons.

For convenience, images and videos are usually automatically detected and embedded and urls are turned into links. More information on this in the relevant section.

In addition, the site supports the use of emotes from Twitch, FrankerFaceZ and BTTV in addition to our own.

Currently these have to be typed manually, but a click-able interface for easy access is planned down the line.


Overview of supported tags


Text styles

As one might expect, basic text styles are all supported, see the following examples:

[b​]bold[/b​] = bold

[i​]italic[/i​] = italic

[s​]strikethrough[/s​] = strikethrough

[u​]underlined[/u​] = underlined

Text size can be altered using the [big​][/big​] and [small​][/small​] tags.



Center alignment is supported using the [cente​r][/cen​ter] tag.



A tag for text colour does not exist at the moment. It would not work well with the variety of themes that are available and generally serves no purpose other than to draw attention, which is already possible by using the other text styles.


Text blocks

Spoilers are simply added using the [spoiler​][/spoiler​] tag. The text in a spoiler will only be readable if it is selected.

[spoiler​]spoiler text[/spoiler​]

spoiler text

Quoting text in a reply can be done using either with or without a reference.

[quote​]Quoted text without reference.[/quote​]


Quoted text without reference.

[quote​=Person quoted]Quoted text with reference.[/quote​]

Originally posted by Person quotedQuoted text with reference.

Unordered lists are available to show a list of items indented with bullet characters.

* Item 1
* Item 2
* Item 3

• Item 1
• Item 2
• Item 3

To organize and separate content, the section tag can be used.
If any section tags are used, an index will appear at the top of the post/guide which can be used to jump to a specific section.
Sections are shown by default, but can be hidden using the Show/Hide button next to the section title.
Note that the section tag does not display nested at this point, nor it is possible to have sections start out closed.

[​section​=Section Name]


Section Name



Links and embedding


Combining tags

Of course it is also possible to combine tags if you want.

[big​]big[/big​] + [big​]big[/big​] = [big​][big​]huge[/big​] [/big​]
big + big = huge

[small​]small[/small​] + [small​]small[/small​] = [small​][small​]tiny[/small​] [/small​]
small + small = tiny

[big​]big[/big​] + [small​]small[/small​] = [small​][big​]totally useless but possible[/big​][/small​]
big + small = totally useless but possible

[big​][b​][i​][u​]Feel free to mix and match![/i​][/u​][/b​][/big​]
Feel free to mix and match!

The url and img tags cannot be combined as of yet. The url tag will be ignored in this case.

Unlike many other implementations, the order of the opening and closing tags does not have to match (it is still bad practice though).
Just make sure you don't forget the closing tag, otherwise the rest of the text will be entirely affected by the tag!

[b​][u​]This is right[/u​][/b​]
[b​][u​]This is wrong[/b​][/u​]
[b​][u​]This is right[/u​][/b​]
This is right
[b​][u​]This is also fine![/b​][/u​]
This is also fine!



As mentioned, the site offers support for using emotes from Twitch, FrankerFaceZ and BTTV. There is a small number of blacklisted emotes because of their generic emote codes (e.g. US, Win).

In order to appear, emotes must be enclosed in whitespace:
Kap​pa works, but dKappab does not.
Kappa works, but dKappab does not.

FrankerFaceZ emotes need to have a ffz prefix to appear:
ffzJUST​DOIT works, but JUSTDOIT does not.
ffzJUSTDOIT works, but JUSTDOIT does not.

The emotes from the site itself are as follows:

:​) - 🙂

;​) - 😉

:​D - 😃

:LOL​: - :lol:

8​-) 8​) B​-) B​) - 😎

:​( - 🙁

>​:( - 😡

>_​< - 😣

:​P - 😛

:​S - 😖

0​_0 :​o :​0 - 😮

o_​O - 😮

^​_^ - 😊

^​^;;; - ☺️

~:​o - 👶

x_​x - 😵

¬​_¬ - 😒

:​[ - 😬

o_​o - 😮

:'​( ;​_; - 😭

@​_@ - @_@

-_​- - 😑

>​_> - 🙄

<​_< - 🙄

D​: - 😱

<​3 - ❤️

.​_.' - ._.'

(​y) (​Y) - 👍️

(​n) (​N) - 👎️

Pog​ChampGold - PogChampGold

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ffzThumbL adamWololo ffzThumbR


I'm making this a sticky since I think it has some information important enough 🙂


I don't think so, except for the fact that nicovideo was added to the list of sites that gets embedded automatically.

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There's no way to make a table, is there?


Could a simple [code] tag be added? It doesn't have to have syntax highlighting or anything like that; just a monospace font and disable parsing until it finds [/code].

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BBCodes don't work for the game forums?


They do, just make sure you're not copypasting from here.


I see. That's what I did, apparently.
It's a bit of a fuss if you have to write all the tags and can't paste them though...?
Is there a more convenient way to get around this?
It'd be better if there were buttons to select and format text.

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@KeinZantezuken make sure to type em yourself, and not copy from this thread.




[​section​=Section Name] <these don't work
[/section​] <these don't work

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Will you guys give us an "Emotes"-button to select rather than typing them in? Like it works in WhatsApp, Facebook &co. 🙂


someone in your programming-area swapped a thing...
: ) 🙂 is now the same as : ( 🙁


🙁 s a d b o y z 🙁

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Unsticking this for now. The site is moving over to Markdown and this just serves to confuse people.

@2gethR That's a known bug that I'm going to harass Pac about.

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Not to beat a dead horse, but it seems some of these work and some don't. Also some markdown language doesn't work it seems like an inbetween. Not a big deal.. at the end of the day it's just formatting anyways, but I'm just wondering if this will be updated eventually with a guide?

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The bullet section does not work for me.

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The guide in this thread is probably very outdated. It was even said in a later post that this thread was unstickied to avoid confusion. You’re better off using the stickied thread in this forum for you reference

@ a mod: Maybe we should lock this thread to avoid confusion?

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