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Hey could you add to the series and if possible add me to the mods. the current mod is happy with this merge

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He (Emericus) should be able to add you as a mod allready btw as he is a super mod


Flapx100: Since Emericus liked the post I went ahead and added you as a series moderator, but he does have the ability to do that for that series.

CrystalChaos: Let me know if everyone agrees on things, it should probably be moved one way or the other in any case.


Evoland and Evoland 2 should be part of the Evoland series.


Can we get Oot 3D in zelda seiries


apparently someone does the work here and not in the doc (after nickflashing sometimes some people (coughcough)) so im gonna post it here.
So have fun:
New serie:
New serie:
New serie:
Move to serie: to (game had disney logo on cover and other pooh game is in there allready)
Move to serie: to

there are still 2 things in the gdoc that you might wanna keep out of the forum so i wont post them here.


While Silent Hills was cancelled this spring, its playable teaser P.T. is a complete short game which surely belongs to the Silent Hill series. It doesn't have words "Silent Hills" in its title only because Hideo Kojima wanted to keep its relation to the series a secret till the moment somebody beats it. Hence, please move P.T. to the SH section.


turned lazy this time, stuff in doc to do. have fun full mods/admins (tab 14-9)


could we get thinking with time machines in the portal seiries or portal rom hacks could we also get tingles rosy rupee land in zelda seiries and finally can please get mario maker in mario seires how did u make that mistake


Tingles isnt really a zelda game, its a spin-off. and Super Mario Maker was probly requested by some random guy with the normal form and not from the series page by which it gets defaulted into the other series.


Moved Mario Maker. Thinking with Time Machines was move to portal rom hacks. (It's kind of annoying to move things to/from rom hacks right now., because it's not coded ideally) Tingles isn't going to be moved unless the Zelda community pushes for it because it's a spinoff.


how did u make that mistake

because I was processing like 30 other game requests as well.

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thx for the help kirk im sorry if i sounded mean when i said the mario thing and also do u think i should do correct spelling in my posts or is it no biggie


can someone add a Stuart little 2 (ps1) any% and 100% to the games,
any rules: time starts when you hit start, time ends when you land the final hit the boss.
100 rules: time starts when you hit start, collect every collectible, time ends when you land the final hit on the boss.
emulators are allowed.


could we get mario advance 3 in yoshi seiries


Kkove: If you take the time to make your posts look decent, people will probably take more them more seriously.
about27midgets: Contact the mod. PackSciences response is not correct because the game already exists.
KKove: This is a case where the option to have multiple series per game would help us. Since we don't have that option, I'd rather leave the 4 super mario advance games in the same series for now to keep track of them easier, unless the yoshi mods really want it.


Ok from now on I will make my posts look good. sorry for the inconvienece


Not sure if this is a good place to post this, but I am at the end of my rope. I am a mod for the Shovel Knight leaderboards and a new character was released yesterday. Now, I have made a character variable on the leaderboards and made the Shovel Knight and Plague Knight values. So when people submit runs they can choose either character. The problem is this: if I go to the leaderboards and select Shovel Knight under the drop down menu, there are no times. All the runs for Shovel Knight are just under "Character:". I think this is because all those runs were submitted before you could select a character. Is there a way to just mass edit all the runs so they appear under Shovel Knight as a character, or is there an easier fix?