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Emericus : Game added to Nitrome series


At the time of the first request, CC2 wasn't even expected to be released and when it was requested, there was no "this game is part of an existing series". Since there wasn't a series page to request from, the 2 games are individual without a series currently when they should be part of the same Chip's Challenge series.


Could you request the series through the game request form, then I can add the games manually.

EDIT: Done


Requested the series-I didn't realize that's how the request series option worked, I thought that I would have to request the games within the form for requesting the series.


Please turn Terraria ( ) into a Terraria series.


Jumpyluff: What do you need a series for exactly? After you answer that could you submit the request through the game request form?

silentjay630: Eh, I tend to agree, but I'd prefer to have some concurrence from the Batman series moderators. Also I'd be changing them from 4 moderators to 1 moderator, which probably doesn't help run approval time. If you wanna talk to those guys and see if they care and/or are still interested in moderating it, I'd move it.


I moved the two LEGO Batman games. Someone else handled MeowMix's request.


Hello! i would really appreciate it if someone would add a "Co-op All cup tour" Category to Mario kart double dash since one of the main features of the game is co-op play. I speedrun it with friends all the time but have no where im aloud to submit and compare our times.



Skooky: For that, you should contact the moderators of that game (through Twitch, Twitter, etc.). They're fairly active, so they should be able to get back to you quickly.


ok. Will do!


Space is Key and Space is Key 2 should be in a series.


These two games should be apart of a series because they are made by the same indie developer


Demon's Crest should be part of the Gargoyles Quest Series as it is the sequal to Gargoyles quest 2


Added the three above.


Corpse Party: Blood Drive is coming out in English in October, and there'll be plenty of speedrunners for that game. We already have the page for the original Corpse Party, , so that needs to be converted into a series and the page for Blood Drive added.


Over a month in advance is a bit much. (People seem to love requesting things 6 months in advance so there has to be some practical limit.) Request the series in October via the game/series request form when the game comes out or shortly before please (like a week in advance and add a note that current moderators for a game in the series want to prep it.)

You can leave notes in the game request form interspersed among things that aren't the game title.

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It might be better to wait until a week before and request again here - as there is no real "note" section in the request game page, I'd feel more comfortable putting the info here. If I need to do it on the request page, I'll do it, but I think I'll communicate better here.

  CrystalChaosCrystalChaos and should probably be combined, as they are two different names for the same series


Are any of those current games duplicates? Also are you fine with combining all the series moderators? Which series name should persist? (Ideally the site would support multiple names in the future, but obviously not currently.)


None of the current games are duplicates.

I don't mind combining series moderators, but I don't know if the moderators of the other series are ok with it. I couldn't find them on irc but can try twitch messaging.

I would prefer for Puzzle Bobble to persist as it's the name used in the majority of the world. It also has a series image and favicon etc set up already (not to mention it would probably be easier to transfer 3 games than 😎.