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So you've been waiting less than two weeks. As it clearly says on the Game Request page (and as you've been told before):


Requests are checked manually by an admin so it might take up to 1-2 weeks depending on available time.

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Keep waiting, it can take a few weeks for the content mods to move through all the games. Posting here about it does nothing (expect maybe annoy people).

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What exactly are you trying to accomplish with this post?


Stop trying to do that. You've been told numerous times, that's not how this works.

It takes time for things to happen. Deal with it. Bitching about it in the forums constantly doesn't help anybody.

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That excuse only works once. This isn't the first time you're doing this. You should know better now.

Anyway, I have nothing else to say about this.

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> i'm just a kid you know, I Don't Know Much About Speedrunning

how is it relevant to the topic of this post?

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Being young doesn't absolve you from annoying everybody with unnecessary mod requests or whining about a game request.
>I'm just a kid you know, Just a little speedrunner, Was joined 2 months ago, So I Don't Know Much About Speedrunning.
Do they not teach English grammar in Connecticut USA schools?

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Also, age doesn't grant you special privileges.

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"I'm just a kid you know, Just a little speedrunner, Was joined 2 months ago, So I Don't Know Much About Speedrunning"
Nice meme.

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When did they change the lyrics to that Simple Plan song?


Ohh, now I want someone who's good at parody lyrics to do that "Don't know much about history, don't know much biology" song but make it about speedrunning 😃 Some people are really good at that, not me though FeelsBadMan


Please stop wasting our time with stupid submissions.

The SMB Romhack submission you had game genie cheats on and visibly used rewind during the run after dying. We're not going to accept runs that utilize these features. For the other game the video wasn't even single segment, and literally had nonsensical cuts mid-footage clearly showing it was edited.

Also, don't submit runs to leaderboards utilizing rewind features. Not sure how the run got by the mods considering it was only 2 minutes long and blatantly had emulator rewind functions used in it, but do not submit these runs anymore. This is a warning.

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I've seen people banned for less (probably)

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my man's out here tryin'a speedrun the game acceptance process

he's on the next level

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@elliottiscool123 This is us laughing at your post ---> 😐️