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hi, I recently joined this a day ago and I submitted a request for a new game to be added and it has been accepted. so how do I submit or provide links for a segmented run?


Depending on how many segments you and always upload the first video as video proof and add the other vids as a link in the comment.


that is a long comment then.


If you have a video played in one sitting and split into multiple video parts feel free to link the videos as described above.

Generally there's not a lot of people competing in literally segmented runs (such as 14 different sittings) for the average game and the points at which things are segmented and rules of timing can be pretty ambiguous and arbitrary.

This isn't to say it's any better or worse of a way to play the game, but it's not the same field of competition as most of the runs on the site.

Also if there's a strong case to be made for having segmented times for a game with an in-game timer, I'm not totally against it. It needs to be very clearly labelled as a separate category though.

My personal opinion is that segmented times don't measure well for competition, but certain games with timers like Super Metroid and Megaman 9 can lend themselves to it. Even still the competition there is almost nonexistent and I'm not sure it's worth having it as a category.


Though segmented runs don't see much competition at all for most games, I do think it's worth keeping track of them, as they can be invaluable resources also for SS runs. Separating them from SS runs would be logical, of course. I suppose it would be easy to just create a separate tab for segmented runs for games where someone's done a segmented run and have SS as the default category.


yes I did make 2 categories for the game, single segment and segmented any% for Godfather. there are some advantages to a segmented run such the in dialogue glitch skip which is very random and can save up from roughly 20 secs to 3 mins in total and there a lot of in dialogue scenes you can't skip normally. I will try to speedrun single segment but last time the game crashed/froze at the end 😖. I hope it was just one time crash.
edit: yes there is an in game timer but not accurate and can only be seen in a save file. in some cases the timer would be longer than the actual gameplay.


Can there be an addition to the leaderboards? If mods can have the option to add a segmented run, users or mods (not sure who'd benefit most) can say "these are the number of segments and here are all the video links."

Could IL leaderboards also help? I'm not too "up" on segmented runs so idk the best way to record them.