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Hi all,

I was recently rejected for requesting a multigame because I don't mod any games in the series and that's fair.

My main question is how many games do I have to be mod of to submit a multigame? For example, the series I'm interested in has 4 games. Would I need to be mod of all 4 before I submit again?

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1) You need to be a moderator of one of the games in question

2) You also need approval from other moderators from those other games (all of them)

3) Afterwards, those other moderators would be usually added along with you (the ones that would want to)

4) Lastly, if you are the only person that ends up moderating all the games....we might grant it? Depends if its warranted at all and it would be a case by case but honestly if you are the only person I'm going to lean on probably not.

Edit: Also, while a series moderator could bypass us and add a leaderboard they would still have to come to us to mark the board properly and of course, if its done purposely in secret everyone will be getting into some trouble.

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Thanks a ton for the response and information! I have already joined the mod team on one game and will work on getting approval from the active mods for the other games before I submit again

Thanks again and have a good day

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@TaruDuckTaruDuck That's for multi-game runs specifically (and a few other game types, like Category Extensions). Normal games don't need to be marked with anything.