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What are the prerequisites for a multiple game board? (like the 1545 boards, N64 Triathlon, or general multigame boards)


Depends on the games in question, let's say for example "Mario Party" if you wanted to do a muti-game leaderboard (for all of the Mario Party games in this example) you'd need to get the other moderators within the series to be onboard with the idea. If so, then we just mark the board as a muti-game for the game type.


What if they're not of the same series but are connected by other means?


@DoodletonesDoodletones I would say the same applies to games that are not in the same series,
you'll have to get the okay from the moderators of the games/series.

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Okay... then follow-up, what if I'm mod of all three games? XD

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If you are the mod for all of these games then it's fine, but if there are other mods on these boards seek their approval as well. These are a bit flaky to have taken care of because they are considered massive leaderboards and we absolutely need to have everyone on board with this concept.

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