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Originally posted by acE. The only reason to ever ban an individual from a leaderboard should be cheating.

Yup that's why I suggested it.


Originally posted by acE.To conclude my point I want to challenge anyone disagreeing with me on this to find a precedent of procedure like that (removing legitimate records) in professional sports.
You can find plenty of examples of this in combat sports. Most famously, Muhammad Ali was stripped of all titles when he refused the draft. Though combat sports tend to have rather more overt corruption among their controlling interests than league sports.

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Originally posted by acE.
How can I know if I am really looking at the fastest time when in reality someone could hold a legitimate WR but be banned on this site for reasons outside of cheating?

Moderators can add a runners times for them in the case that the user is banned. Banning the user simply means that they can't submit the runs on their own. But I do agree with your post overall, sort of. I actually have thought about this recently and I don't think we should ban users for cheating either, but we should put a big banner on their profile saying "this guy cheated in X game, press HERE to read more" with maybe a summary of what they did.

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Originally posted by Liv
It's not easy to get banned at all.

Considering the fact that some users have gotten banned for having said things on discord over 3 years ago (such as @Lor) I wouldn't say it's especially difficult. Also for the guy in the pronouns thread, you can say it's a clear troll, but if we are going to start permabanning trolls then where is my ban?

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It would be nice to have different stages of being banned that a mod could apply to a person. If someone cheated but came clean you could apply a tag to said person that warns the mod that has to verify that person's runs in the future (if the community doesn't feel that person should be outright banned).

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I know this isn't a suggestion but rather a question but I want to know how the "signed up" and "last online" lines work when viewing a user's profile. I've seen several cases where the "Signed up" portion updates on the day another week/month/year passes but the "Last online" portion updates days later despite both being in the same day, so how is that possible?


Originally posted by HiInstead of getting banned from the website as a whole, what if you could separate getting banned on the forums from getting banned from submitting runs? To me it seems very unfair to get banned forever due to how easy it is. Simply having an unpopular opinion that the mods or the users in general dislike will get you banned, so what could be done instead is ban that person just from the forums while allowing them to still submit runs, and viceversa too; if there's a player that cheated in the past they should get banned from the leaderboards but still be allowed to talk on the forums.

Actually I agree to this one. First of all, everyone can change even if they cheat / fake the speedrun. It is not fair for the banned runners to be disallowed to submit their run forever only because they cheat / fake a speedrun. It makes more sense to only ban them from submitting the runs from individual leaderboard.


Another idea that I came up with that probably is controversial, but then again this entire thread is controversial so it'd best to put it here:
There is already a way to do this via the API (at least for users) but it would be really cool if the search system would be improved, by adding filters when searching. Say you want to look for just games containing a string of characters that you input (or marathons, teams, etc.). Or, you want to look for all users that contain those characters in their name, or to only look for the user that has all the character(s) that you input. It would be a welcome addition for those filters if they were added as I don't really remember when was the last time the search system got an update but it probably is a long time.


I'm not sure its a controversial request to improve the awful search system.

Tho if that search system update came with an NSFW tag for games, while opening the floodgates to any NSFW games being added to the site under that toggle, then it'd be both controversial and a good idea.

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I'm not sure its a controversial request to improve the awful search system.

I also wanted to suggest profile views in the same post but I didn't know if it was the best idea. Basically how it would work is if a user (that's not yourself obviously) visits your profile it adds 1 view to a counter that resets every month (or every year etc.).

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Following system when?


Obviously this is an unpopular opinion, but blacklist users from games should be more normalized (blacklisting for breaking the community rules multiple times, not cheating)


I can't say if it's easy to get banned here since it would be necessary to evaluate more cases of banning and the reasons that motivated the ban.

But I can say you can get banned for dumb reasons here. I got banned once for a month because of a fight I had on Discord with a mod.

I said that I usually reset my speedruns when I feel like it's impossible to PB (because in that game I know a lot about how the game works) and the mod said I shouldn't reset because I can learn from finishing more runs. I disagreed, since I've been finishing runs for more than a year and I already know if it's going to be possible to PB or not and I've trained a lot too.

Basically, the guy got angry because I didn't agree after some time of discussion and insulted me, then I dmed him insulting him back. I told site mods about his behavior and he got banned for a month, but his friends came here to defend him (who started the fight) and I got banned too.

And, in the end, since he's a mod, he chose to exclude me from discord server and I couldn't be reintegrated. All that because I defended myself after getting insulted for an opinion. So, yeah, sometimes it is easy to get banned here.