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Why does Pac have a custom flair?


Custom CSS theme like Pac's, is a thing that was only open for site moderators of the past.
I remember @LivLiv saying that somewhere.




But we already have flairs now


We dont. We have a bio, which is nice but we still want a custom flair that is displayed and visible on the forums.


imagin being content with a info in your profile page.
flair is essential for any good forum.

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Still relevant


What exactly do you mean by "flair"?
Post borders, image borders, text/image signatures, post colors, tags, statistics, titles - or something else entirely?
Imo this thread has been pretty much useless so far because of how vague it is.

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I think she meant something like this (using the Gentoo Linux forums as a example)

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@LinuxLinux No, that's just a forum signature, which has already been stated earlier in this thread that it's not something we would want here.

Originally posted by survivalMichi (on Page 5)The addition of custom flair is essential for the personal expression of the users.
It still gives people the option to set pronouns but allows everyone to give a short info about themself.
this makes the forum more personal and is a more effective way of doing it than widespread signatures.

Also just replace the full forum with a modern one. with build in keys for quotes etc.
And add Forum moderation. thank you.

Also this is extremly relevant (we should seriosly start also quoting reasoning)

and if anyone ask why i dont formate my forum posts, i wont learn it and i wont do it until we get the tools to make it convinient.

I believe what's being requested here is something more akin to a replacement/upgrade for the custom pronouns, so that instead of having 3 static options we get a editable field instead, which should be visible on forum posts under your nickname.

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Custom flair = 50 letter box for anything where pronouns are now.
people said this multiple times. and flair is if you are in a forum pretty widespread.
should be understandable like "signature" "profile picture" etc.


In my experience it varies wildly what people understand under what you call "flair".
The only site i know that even uses that terminology is reddit and there it looks very different.

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What term would you think is more fitting then? Also still relevant


Referring to what @survivalMichisurvivalMichi described, i'd call it "Bio".

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Perhaps that fits it better but the problem is that they added a bio but it does not reflect what it should be.


the "relevant" posting was funny for a bit, it just stopped being funny. nor does it actually mean anything.

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Maybe not for you but for me it still matters. And for a few others as well.


@MrMonshMrMonsh Either way you can still uses forum signature as a custom “flair”. I don’t see why no one would want it.


@LinuxLinux Signatures break up the flow of a thread. They made more sense when forums would allow unregistered posting, which was killed off by spambots many years ago now.


Still relevant?

I'd think so.

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