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Hello everyone, I'm just wondering what the protocol is for selecting mods for games that aren't out yet? Particularly if the game in question is not part of a previous series. I'm thinking of Outer Worlds, to be released this October.

Also, when does a game get added to the site?
Thanks all


A game gets added when someone requests it and the person who requests it becomes the first moderator of the game. You need to be able to do a run of the game you’re requesting so you’re not going to be able to request an unreleased game (it’s only allowed in special circumstances).



If it's a game in a series; the series moderators can make it themselves. Think: New Link's Awakening on the Switch

If it's a whole new IP, you gotta be fast.

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@RiekeltRiekelt Don't tell people misinformed information. Any time a game has a relation with another game (take Link's Awakening as your example) it gets reserved to the previous moderators of the original game, if they do not want to resume position for it then we make sure to find someone capable to maintain it. This also includes series mods as we will add moderators of the previous game on the board if the series moderator does not do it unless requested they wish to not be part of it.

If it's an entirely new IP, we will see all the requests and add multiple people on the board as we deem necessary.

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