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Y'know, you're doing more harm than good by spamming the forums about how this one guy cheated in a game. Please leave.

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@jackzfimljackzfiml yea ok just let him keep submitting fake scores if yall are gonna ban me can you guys please leave the video I posted
ITS 200% cut and dry evidence of him being banned before so please leave video up on this thread and ill volunteer to just leave these forums for good deal????secondly IM NOT CREATING TOPICS im leaving evidence of a cheater in the cheater forum section IM DONE im leaving and wont sign in again BUT this video should be left here afterall this is the cheaters
section.....Alright bye yall im signing out and I think at least one link to this video should stay up and ill be happy and stay gone forever from this site


Can we IP ban this guy?
Is an IP ban even a thing here?

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@StarcryCheaterStarcryCheater That video you're showing only shows a post that was made on this very same thread and shows no additional proof that this guy is a cheater, so your contribution to this thread is essentially null.

Furthermore, spamming the same video over and over again achieves nothing. If anything, it makes it even less likely that people will join your cause.

If this guy is truly a cheater as you say, I can assure you'll never get the site to take action with your current strategy.

PS: Not to mention that you're ban evading, which is most likely enough to get you banned on its own.

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@starcrytasstarcrytas address your ban cheater you cheated address your cheating ways

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@MrMonshMrMonsh I need to seek AmoebaUK and would ask him kindly to dig up the proof that starcrytas cheated

Matthew Felix needs a permanent ban if AmoebaUK shows the evidence of starcrytas cheated runs
hopefully AmoebaUK will still have access to the cheated runs matthew felix tried to slip by and he got caught


Originally posted by StarcryCheaterMrMonsh I need to seek AmoebaUK and would ask him kindly to dig up the proof that starcrytas cheated

You could contact him through his other contacts? You don't need to flood the forums to do that.

They're readily available on his profile should you need 'em. Though you should really, really, REALLY think about being more restrained.

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This thread sucks, starcrytas would never cheat.

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First @miaaaaa_ and now @StarcryCheaterStarcryCheater.
Wtf is wrong with the past two days


@MrMonshMrMonsh Noted and thanks or the advice It says I cant contact him thru PM messege till 7 days after my account was made so
I guess ill lay low till then but one last point.Why doesnt matthew felix address the cheating???instead he wants ME IP BANNED right away LOL

Im done guys in 7 days ill send AmoebaUK a messege to see if we can dig up the proof
Im out guys I wont post ANY MORE all I ask is yall leave 1 link to the video I posted
its up to yall cuz yall left matthew felix post up showing a run of mine I did NOT even submit

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As mentioned, starcrytas would never cheat, their just good at the games they play.

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Originally posted by StarcryCheaterNoted and thanks or the advice It says I cant contact him thru PM messege till 7 days after my account was made so I guess ill lay low till then

1. I highly doubt this new account of yours is going to live for more than a day (since as I mentioned above, you're currently ban evading), let alone an entire week.
2. The DM system on this site is very noticeably bad, I doubt they'd even see it. Your best bet is to check their other social medias, which you can find linked in his profile (which is what I originally meant in my previous post).

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@starcrytasstarcrytas @StarcryCheater @StarcryStanStarcryStan. What’s next?

No seriously. What’s next.

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@StarcryCheaterStarcryCheater Please just stop and go away. You're derailing this thread so much.

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@WalgreyWalgrey how Starcrytas is a cheater and I will contact AmoebaUK to get the concrete evidence how I am derailing the thread matthew felix is a cheater and he even made an alt starcrystan to try and take attention away from his cheating ways


Day NaN of asking for forum moderators for reasons exactly like this

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I'm so confused about everything in the last 3 pages of this thread.

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Not gonna post anything more after this cause I'm clearly egging on the nutjob that keeps starting tons of threads, but there's no concrete proof I can give past the point that the runner @starcrytasstarcrytas is (or at this point it -could- be was, there wasn't much official back in 2014, just an editable wiki page) banned from the PSR leaderboards. You have to go back to whenever that message was added to the PSR wiki (2014 I think, see the link in my comment like 2 pages ago) for the timeframe that he was banned, and passed that all you have is my word/memory that it was 2 emerald runs and a crystal run that he faked.
I honestly wouldn't expect many people even from PSR to remember this because it was A ) so long ago and B ) back when the community was tiny, so realistically unless you wanted to go on a hunt for the evidence/info and bug a lot of older PSR runners you probably won't ever get definite proof from that. I posted it because I thought it was worth mentioning specifically because not many people would remember this, and because this other guy was going mental trying to prove he is a cheater (bad choice in the end)
To the guy spamming shit loads of videos/threads/whatever if you're actually trying to call out starycry for cheating you're doing a trash job of it, people will believe them now over you just because you're demonstrating how awful a person you are.

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I have been involved in Pokémon speedrunning for about 8 years, and I recall @starcrytasstarcrytas being banned from PSR leaderboards too. His runs were in multiple parts, and I distinctly remember an Emerald run of his having a camera pointed at the screen (in an attempt to quash splicing or TAS playback allegations) with audio from his mic, but no sounds coming from the keyboard/controller where there should have been. There were certainly other telltale signs of TAS playback, but I was more involved in running newer Pokémon games, and so I wasn't part of the subset of the community that scrutinised these runs.

Nowadays, the videos of these runs have been set to private on YouTube. Here's another link with a bit of confirmation of the PSR leaderboard ban, in addition to what @AmoebaUKAmoebaUK posted on page 5:

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