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You mean @starcrytasstarcrytas ?


To that idiot that has been spamming threads, here is proof that YOU cheat.

Mortal Kombat Game Gear high score:

Which links to your Youtube page that has that run AND the harassment videos you made about me.

Web archive link of the video in case he deletes it.

At 4:06 (VOLUME AND LANGUAGE WARNING) you can see the following:
Current score: 2,447,000
Bonus points: 690,000 (90,000 from time bonus, 500,00 double flawless, 100,00 fatality)
Score should be 3,137,000

However, he somehow gains points and ends up with 3,210,000 points. Where did the extra 73,000 come from? He also spends a bit longer on the fighter ladder screen than the rest of the video. Possibly loading a cheat or splice here?

Another instance of the random points coming from nowhere is at 13:30.
Current score: 9,021,000
Bonus points: 688,000 (88,000 from time bonus, 500,00 double flawless, 100,00 fatality)
Score should be 9,709,000

This time, he gains 12,000 points between fights and ends up with 9,721,000.
So throughout the run, he gains 85,000 on loading screens.

For a comparison of how the scores SHOULD be working, and proof that these random points between fights don't exist, check out the speedruns and other videos of Mortal Kombat on Game Gear, like the Longplay seen here:

No, I'm not making it look like he's cheating or putting my videos over his or whatever claim that idiot will come up with this time.
I would appreciate it if someone were to verify these claims and verify that the video is indeed that guy's and not some other random video. You can even test this on your own if you want to.


@starcrytasstarcrytas Your a verified cheater why dont you address the fact that your a cheater
and if you wanna play me in online mk2 Ill beat you real easy BOY


@starcrytasstarcrytas Matthew Felix what about you getting banned from cheating in pokemon speedruns????
If you wanna talk about mortal kombat lets play online me vs you in real time on fightcade program mk2
me vs you lets see how you do ill beat you 1000 to 0

@starcrytasstarcrytas NOW ADDRESS YOUR BAN you got for cheating in pokemon speedruns
are you scared to bring it up??? your a verified cheater and thats diffrent from me
becuase you tried to submit your runs to a speedrun site LOL I did NOT I was
just messing around with the Game Gear version of mk1 no harm in that
as I was NOT submitting to any site like you were trying to cheat and pass it
off as real like YOU matthew felix the pokemon cheater

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Can you two do this somewhere else?

We're trying to list known cheaters on the site, not turn the thread into a back-and-forth cheating accusation argument that most people have 0 context to.

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@WalgreyWalgrey matthew felix is trying to say I cheated when I DID NOT SUBMIT the run hes referring to
I did it for fun on my youtube channel Im an online mortal kombat 2 player and top 3 in the world at it

Matthew Felix is ducking and dodgeing the fact that HE is a cheater and has submitted fake runs to I HAVE NOT I upload my gameplays on youtube only for fun


Don't spam in every forum.

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@starcrytasstarcrytas dont run from the fact you were caught cheating in pokemon emerald and was swiftly banned
becuase your a dirty cheater and a loser lowlife who cant get any records without cheating.

Your making a big deal off a YT video I did for fun if you really wanna see me play some
mortal Kombat lets play mk2 online and ill beat you 1000 to 0 TRY ME coward
Bottom line is @starcrytasstarcrytas youve been caught chetaing in games across 3 websites
and you splice and save state in alot of your newer game submissions as well
YOU need a COMPLETE ban from this site not just banned from certain games
YOU CHEAT IN EVERYTHING your a proven cheater and You need to admit your cheating ways
and be a man instead of ducking and dodgeing the fact youve been caught cheating

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Just saying for everyone: DO NOT UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 11 IF YOU HAVE WINDOWS 10
I tried it and I had a dumb issue where window managment is ridiculously slow and everything else (the taskbar anything related to Explorer is frozen, IT TOOK 2 UPDATES TO FIX.

Use Linux instead 😎

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@starcrytasstarcrytas and @GregSpell56 : Fighting to the death

Me: Grabs Popcorn

Me in the background cheering one and only thing: Fight! Fight! Fight!

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I’m not touching that debacle with a 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679 foot pole

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I am a fan of pole-flavored pie

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The three words that best describe @starcrytasstarcrytas and @GregSpell56 are as follows and I quote: Cheat! Spam! Fight!

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Read the TEXT from the mod himself Starcrytas which is matthew felix is a cheater and was banned PROOF 200%

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Sigh, you again?

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@Oreo321Oreo321 doesnt it SAY that starcrytas is a cheater??? read the text please starcrytas name is matthew felix


Please just stop, enough is enough. This thread was not meant for this.

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