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Yesterday, I added someone as moderator for this game at around 2:47 PM EST.

I got the notification for this happening at 5:20 PM EST today.

…damn you, Subsurf!!!

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I am also experiencing delayed notifications, I think most people are

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I am too. I am getting triggered by it.

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Still nothing. I am not getting some notifications at all. I submitted a support hub request days ago and still no response from that either. I even tried talking to Meta about it and didn't get a resolution. It shouldn't matter whether you're a supporter or not, but the fact that some ppl are even paying for this is ridiculous. How about an announcement, "hey, we know what's going on, we're working on it", something..

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@Mercury7182Mercury7182 Lol good point, I actually forgot that communication exists since sr.c never does it

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@Mercury7182Mercury7182 mate, they’ll get to it eventually.

Also it seems that notifications are now delayed by about 2 days, not just 1 day.



I verified three days ago, got the notification a few minutes ago.

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My notification was delayed by 64 hours


has the staff said anything about this?


@JubileeJubilee Not that what I know of


Happening to me as well, while doesn't really affect much, it IS annoying.

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experiencing these delays as well, well over 48h delay for notifications.

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I've gotten 100+ hours of delay for a notification this is crazy.

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Same these notifications are at least 2 days slow-

I wonder if the site is under a lot of pressure rn since it went down like every other day



I wonder if the site is under a lot of pressure rn since it went down like every other day

Subway Surfers

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Originally posted by Act_
Originally posted by (supercrazestar) I wonder if the site is under a lot of pressure rn since it went down like every other day

Subway Surfers

When the site down on the 26th and 28th of July was because of me, I sent too many API requests, and not because of Subway Surfers


im also getting now notifications for posts and responses that i alredy saw and are more than 3 days old
the one thread in subway surfers of 36 pages about asking for run verification, that i alredy saw and was closed like 2 days ago? well, i keep constantly getting notifications for some of these requests in page 34 out of the 36, from 3 days ago, completly independent one of the other

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To be honest, I thought it was only me who faced such a problem. Sometimes notifications come in a few days, which is very annoying.

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Man, why does TikTok have to get involved with our lives all time? There was a period of encouraging kids to steal stuff from the teachers and bathrooms from it and now they caused this extreme verification queue that slowed down the site and much more. What other crazy things is TikTok going to do?

Edit: Ok Ivory that´s fair.


im sorry but you can not compare a literal felony to speedrunning website running a bit slow

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