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great list ox but maybe format the post so its easier to read:D


Lol true, just split it up a bit more @SioNSioN


Floating save button is great, good work on that! An auto-save with a snackbar would be better (inn my opinion) :))
It would actually be quite simple as you could use the existing floating save component as the snackbar after an auto-save.
I can see why auto-save might annoy people though, especially if they didn't mean to make the change.
Then again, maybe the snackbar could instead show "Saved!" and have a "Revert Changes" button.
That would probably be the best case.


Not that important, but it'd be nice to be able to hide or just deprioritize some of our runs. For instance in a 4-player category, if I have a 5th place run and a 1st place run, I'd rather only the 1st place run show on my profile, without me having to unlink myself from the 5th place run. I guess kinda how obsolete runs work.

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Hey! Mod Hub is great, but for so many games it's sometimes difficult to remember start and end time. Would be great to have a button to show timing rules for the game/category in the pane below the settings button.

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Timer ascending for subcategories would still be useful.

For instance, Free Rice has a subcategory called Endurance and it is the only subcategory that counts upwards:

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The search bar has had, for at least five years, "Search for games, users, etc...," which isn't accurate.

A quick fix could allow users to know exactly what's searchable: "Search for games, users, series, and marathons"

A search on the Wayback Machine shows that this text was actually in the search bar in February 2015. Not sure why that changed. Would love to see it return!

One argument is that "etc" looks cleaner, but then again, the dummy text does fit both on web and mobile (might need more testing and you can switch to "etc" if there's less space available)




Submit feedback to support hub, not here

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I do both. One is to encourage publicly sharing feedback and the other is to let the team know.
It also helps me track feedback I've already given so I can refer to it later and point out that the feature was asked for X years ago (as I did in both posts above).