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Next to the name of this thread, there are buttons for “forums” and “the site.” The “forums” button no longer exists for game forums.

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On the run submission page, please consider saving users a click and auto-selecting "You are" as Player 1, and auto-filling "Player" with our username.

Edit: This is for Chrome, on a laptop

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@OxkniferOxknifer It does that for me. I’m on mobile, if that matters.

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For mobile: on levels with long names, the “filter” button gets pushed to the right, making parts of that menu unviewable.


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It is the same with variables, a value is too long, I can’t edit the rules for that variable value.

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In honor of the most active game on SRC (Pou) using our little retiming app :))
It would be awesome to have an in-house version of this retimer:

Currently, this only works for YouTube videos, but I believe YouTube is the main platform people use here, aside from Twitch.

The design would be as follows:
If turned on in a mods profile (if that becomes an option), a mod should see retimer configurations beneath the video.
The configuration includes a space for start time, end time, and FPS. Instructions guide the user on how to get this information.
Once computed, a button that says "Verify with new RTA Time" could appear, meaning that whatever is currently listed as RTA would be replaced by the computed time and the run would be automatically verified.
For archiving and disputing purposes, it would be best practice to append a mod message to the comment of the run that clearly shows start time, end time, and FPS.

This was requested a couple years ago, but I think it would work even better with the new mod hub design :))

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Bumping these:
More informative audit logs -
Export audit logs -
Mods (non Super Mods) should be able to access audit logs -

Audit Logs need a good update in order to be effective for moderators.

Also, in line with exporting, exporting user profile info from your profile would be a cool feature. Edit: Wait, I'm told this exists under Account & Security

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Drag and drop a png or jpg into srcom to upload for forum, guide, resource, run comment etc.,
Reduces need for Imgur or Discord for image hosting and enables quicker sharing of media on srcom

Requested around 2 years ago :))

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Logo creds: Would be nice to be able to hover over a custom logo and see "Logo by @User1User1 @User2 @User3"
The community mods would set this in Edit Theme

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Notify on tag
Would like to have a user profile option to get a notification every time someone tags me in:
- Game forum (possibly by game)
- Site forum
- Other places I'm not thinking of around the site

Providing more option lessens the annoyance for those who may not want to get tag notifications

Clicking on the notification should take you to the comment you were tagged in

For instance @MetaMeta you should receive a link to this exact post in your notifications, but you won't, but you'll probably see this eventually :))

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Smoother Run Submission

I have various ideas to throw out for this:

1. Category
- The category and sub-category should be auto-selected based on which sub-category was selected on the leaderboard when the player hits "submit run"

2. Player
- Should automatically fill with the player's username

3. You are
- Should automatically be Player 1

4. Region
- Maybe provide a default region but 'None' does work

5. Time and In Game Time
- Time could optionally (meaning, a little button to the side could be available, but not default) be selected by opening a time picker, such as:
- Could autofill based on user's previous PB in that category to save time (if no PB is set, on an average time)
- Should not require tabbing through or clicking on sections to type out the full time. Meaning, autofill as 00:00:00.00 and let the user type out the number. Example: A time of 4 m 25 s would be typed as 42500, leading to 0000:00:00.04 then 0000:00:00.42 then 0000:00:04.25 then 0000:00:42.50 then 0000:04:25.00.
- Add option to disable Time field when In Game Time is present, or clearly mark it as optional. So many users submit IGT wrong because of this lol.

Video Link and splits I/O
- These Will almost always be pasted instead of writing it out, so it'd be nice to have a "paste" button next to the field for convenience

Submit another
- Checkbox at the bottom that, after clicking submit, submits the run and then fills out the form with the same details. Potentially not a good feature for srcom because most runs submitted are done one at a time, I'm guessing.

Edit: Made a later post which included the idea of a quick submit from the leaderboard page, which is basically this idea on steroids.

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Run submission required fields are inaccurate

The starred fields are Date and Video Link. Video Link is not required.

The starred fields should actually be based on validation, as in, what would error the page instead of letting a user submit.
These values are Player, Time, and Date.
Could also star fields that must have a selection:
These values are Category, Subcategories, Platform, Region

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I love that we have a feedback thread for supporters but it isolates the feedback of non-supporting users.
I'd rather have a fresh Feedback Thread pinned to The Site Forum again, and to avoid it getting too long or outdated over time, make it based every major or minor semver version bump of the site (example: Feedback Thread V3.0.0)

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I agree. Even if it was feedback about how the supporter system works it should also take into acount non supporters like those who have trouble supporting and those with cool ideas like “hiding boosts in a lb by default”.


Is anyone here a booster? Can they confirm that boosters have an official feedback thread pinned?

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@Matse007Matse007 A booster or a supporter? Anyway, as an original donor, you should be able to get supporter status for free for some period of time. Check the subscription tab in your settings:


I have it but I refuse to use it.

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So, a complete overhaul of leaderboards, aye? :))))))

1. Load videos inline with leaderboard entries
Dropdown from the leaderboard entry shows a playable video that works from the leaderboard page. Could be a cool feature. Clicking elsewhere would take you to the regular run page.

2. Better audit log entries
If you're overhauling, please make sure that all the audit log variables are clear. For instance, "cat" should be "category", and the values of cat, level, and values objects should not be random numbers. I'm sure there are other improvements for audit log in that area.

3. Performance arrows
Could be a neat on/off feature to have a green arrow representing a run that puts a user higher in rank within the last month (and possibly a red arrow for a drop in rank).

4. Proof
Would be nice to have sorting for runs that have various types of proof: video, image, or link to a non-embedding video.
The video icons on the side (if you keep that feature) should be based on what type of content the user has submitted, not just a video camera.
I'm the kind of user who would also want a setting to toggle to nix all of the runs that have no video.
As Pac says, "no vid, no did."

5. WR graph
Should work, first of all :))
Also would be cool if you could zoom into the timeline so that the records don't crowd.

6. Featured Run as WR
Most people will click on the top run to watch the WR. Would be cool to have a special Top 1 or Top 3 or Top 5 section also features WR.

7. Sorting
I know this is and that mainly all runs are going to be sorted on the leaderboard as time ascending. But hear me out. This is a great opportunity to allow users (or data miners) to sort runs on the leaderboard differently, making this page less of a leaderboard and more of a data sheet. could easily begin to properly host highscore leaderboards if we let the default sort become an added value (such as "score").

Furthermore, I'd really like the ability to sort my leaderboard date-descending on runs that were ever labeled as WR. For content creators making WR progression videos, this would be a fantastic custom view. So it'd be nice to add some backend tracking to how runs changed in rank over time.

You should also be able to view the PB progression of a single or multiple users for the sake of comparison.

Again, all of these should take place on a single page with the most likely default view being a speedrun leaderboard.

Another idea for sorting run information, related, is interactive lists of all runs/users/other stats for a leaderboard:
It would be really really cool if we could see an interactive list of all verified runs on a leaderboard, similar to how all runs show up on a users profile. I have about 313 runs in the Free Rice page that I'm considering retiming, but it is not easy to find all of them (many are obsoleted).

This would also be helpful just in terms of statistics. On this page, it would be easy to see how many runs each user has done, easy to find and compare world records, and easy to grab data to work with in Excel.

To sum it up: Speedrunners love stats and would love an easier way to interact with the massive amount of data regarding runs/users/and more on this site.

8. Submit Run Subcategory Syncing
If you're on a sub-category on the leaderboard, properly fill the subcategory field when you submit a run

9. Run Favoriting
Might be a nice feature to store your favorite ever runs of various people somewhere on the profile page

10. Verified Status
Put runs pending verification on the leaderboard and on the homepage.
Why? Speedrunners like to be seen.
Once verified, give them a little badge to show everyone.
Could be a feature toggled by the mods.

11. Edit Variable Multi-Select
I should be able to apply a variable to a few levels and categories, not all or one.

12. Automated IL Population
Adding 100 levels should be as easy as writing a template name and selecting a number of levels to create. Should add to the array of levels already listed.
Opening Street, 10
Creates: Opening Street - 1, Opening Street -2, ..., Opening Street - 10
Level, 100
Creates: Level - 1, Level - 2, ... Level - 100

13. Hotkeys
It would be amazing if moderators could have access to hotkeys on the Edit Game/Edit Theme page. Here are a few useful ones off the bat:
- A hotkey to add an individual level with no rules (defaults to Level X, where X is the number of levels that already exist + 1).
- A hotkey to add an individual level with the same rules as the previous IL.
- A hotkey to swap ILs with IL Categories (because we all make that mistake).
- A hotkey to delete the last IL listed (with a warning window).
- A hotkey to save the first window of Edit Game.
- A hotkey that automatically copies the rules of one category to every other category.

14. Platform Options
Optionally mark a platform(s) as primary or reorder them for a leaderboard.
That way, if I'm looking for games played primarily on iOS and Android, I won't see games like Minecraft and Hotline Miami in the search -- for these you would mark the non-mobile platforms as primary.

15. Series Discord Link
Ability to set a Discord link for a series that is set as the default for all games in the series.
In case the link expires or becomes unusable, this makes the link easy to change for all games in the series.
(Of course, still allow users to change this discord link to something else per leaderboard if needed)

16. Multiple Discord Links on Leaderboard
Some games link to more than one community Discord.

17. Ability to submit time of run
This would be significant because it would allow for two WRs submitted in one day to appear as WRs in a dataset or graph and would clarify which user achieved the WR first.

18. Quick Submit Run for Subcategory from Leaderboard
This will provide an option for users to submit a run without wasting time on the submit run page. Could replace the submit run page if it's done correctly.
Autofill as much info as possible using only a video link, including length of run based on video length, assuming most users won't properly retime. Assume platform based on a user's previous submissions. Assume user is the only runner. Assume date is today. Assume no description or
The experience should be extremely simple. User clicks Quick Submit and it opens a small area on the UI to drop a run URL. Then it possibly confirms a few pieces of information with prev/next buttons before submitting. Should use minimal clicks.
Speedrun Speedrun. Meta, @MetaMeta?

19. Guide Archiving and Organizing
Take a look here, for instance: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​smb1/​guides
- I'm sure not all of these guides are modern and archiving the obsolete ones would be helpful for new players.
- Sorting of guides is currently alphabetical. It would be much better to organize by date updated.
- Categorizing guides might also be useful. Allowing mods to make guide categories would be nice.
SMB1 is just an example. This would be useful srcom-wide.

20. Change the Mod Icon
Who chose a sword? Why a sword? Why those colors?
Might be clearer with badges with SM (super mod) and M (mod) and V (verifier).

21. Theme Previewing
Make it easier to dynamically preview a theme without returning to the leaderboard (or just allow mods to do color settings on the leaderboard page).

22. Theme Undo
Also add the ability to undo a theme change. It's easy to forget those hex values.

23. Logo Creds
Recent idea of mine to give credit to those who made the logo

24. Leaderboard Contributors
Honor those who contributed most to the community over the years by displaying their usernames. Much like the Contributors tab on About the Site.
Potentially allow the title to be editable, as instead of "Contributors" you could list them as something based on your community. Like for Super Cat Bros, we could call them "Top Cats." Allows for some creativity.

25. Clean Up the Mods List
Alphabetize and group by mod title, one item per row

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