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Hello, I would like to ask something please, I am the moderator in several games and there is a user who is doing speedruning but is not using livesplit at the time of running, that is, he is using livesplit playing the video of what he did in a video player and next to that put the livesplit.

Is the run valid or not? Because from what I understand, the livesplit application should be used live, that is to say at the time that the record attempt is made and not in a video playback, thank you.

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Livesplit usage should have no affect on run validity. You can simply retime the run using a tool like Yt-Frame-Timer. In fact, all runs should be retimed (unless there’s an in game timer) in my opinion because livesplit is subject to human error. If you do decide to retime the run, have him upload the original file to YouTube and submit that because it is more accurate.

This may sound like a self centered belief, but in games I moderate the only timings I trust are my own (and the other moderators of the game ofc). What I mean is that I don’t trust the timings of any runner until I’ve retimed it myself to verify that it is correct, otherwise you run into huge leaderboard inaccuracies.

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There's really no rule saying a run even needs to even have a timer on screen (unless its there in your community's rule).

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I've got a few games I've messed with running that I can't even use a timer on because of how the game handles itself (mostly old jank PC games). Even when I do run, I just have a small little timer in the corner if I even feel like it.

As @GarshGarsh said, timers really don't have much of an effect on validity, and you should always retime the video yourself.

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the timer is only really for you and/or the viewer unless some game requires it like the hl ones (i believe)

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