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Hey folks,

I was wondering if it was possible to allow Series Moderators to set the Game Type setting for new games. As we are allowed to create new games now and are more frequently asked to handle game requests within our franchises, it seems like it would make good sense to allow us to set that setting.
Any chance?

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Agree. It's really good idea.


I'm going to bump this, I should of explained, we don't want users being able to abuse this but we are actually are going to allow users to do this as a more "one time" type deal.

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Well to be fair, if you expect series mods, who usually should be trusted people for an entire community, to abuse this system, there is a whole different problem to solve first. Not sure if that's the right approach, especially with your way of responding to this here at first..

But oh well, I'll take it - makes my job and the job of other series mods easier, which should be a good motivation.


You aren't wrong, we have had problems with series moderators taking advantage of their permissions which is also why we've become very stubborn with series moderators in general. People may not like that, but it affects everyone else too and not just a sole party, this is a different bag of worms to get into but as mentioned it affects every series moderator who also have the same abilities.

The idea with this is, while it will not apply for existing games at all, newly created games will give series moderators and moderators a limited set of options to choose from to apply as a one time ordeal. However, if they require multiple selections they'll still need to approach site staff to make adjustments.

Why is it limited? To prevent incorrect markings and potential abuse. We want to believe this is an honest solution that is the right balance, we don't want to give everyone unlimited power as we've seen people misuse what power they currently have.

Edit: The "limited" set means 2-3 of the options will not be select-able (Multi-game being an example of an option that won't be allowed to be chosen as it requires every moderator of X amount of games to agree upon)

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Thanks for the more indepth reply, feels good to get a bit more background knowledge. Appreciated!

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