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Hello there! So, i mod two games, and recently a coop run has been submitted to both of them. Rookie mistake: i dont have a coop leaderboards set up. Is there a way i can change them in a way i dont have to delete a category and, consequentially, their runs?

I wanna have "Solo" and "Co-Op" as the main categories and have the current categories as subcategories.
Any way i can do that?

The lbs:

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Huh, so, i kinda f*cked up.

I found a way to do so (hooray!), but i "lost" some runs that were submitted in the past.
They are still in the website (otherwise i wouldnt be able to "save" some runs that i have the link to in my browse history), but i cant get to them.


Edit: I only did so to the first game. Its literally impossible to commit this mistake twice!

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@chicdead26 Lol well that explains why I got the notifications of other runs for Power Fighters 2 but do not see them on the leaderboard.

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@theripper999 well, good you point that out. Some of the runs submitted by this one guy ( @ShinkenX ) completely glitched out and im not able to get them in the LBs, even tho i verified and modified them (added "solo" to the runs).


@Liv Thank you! Hope you dont bother helping me with this last question: is it possible to have a subcategory with a different player count?

Im just trying to

(wait for it)

save some time


^ only categories will allow for player-amount differences,
what you can do however is just make a player subcategory and make the category itself have the maximum of that subcategory.
(e.g. 1 - 10 players, you'd just put the category at 10, if someone runs one of the lower ones they just leave the other fields empty)