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these ads are so fucking large they dont even fit on screen. my multiple ad blockers dont even bypass them. seriously what the fuck has happened to this site.

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damn chill out for a second. I do agree how there are alot of ads but your taking it s bit too far


! 2022-03-30 > .hidden-md-down > .hidden-lg-up

add this to your ublock origin filters list ^

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@Act_Act_ zennan has their right to complain, this is a massive problem.

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I know it’s a problem, you would know if you read my post. And I know they have a right to complain, but think about it like this. If someone went up to you and said what the fuck is wrong with you, what the fuck was happened to you.

Honestly for me, I don’t even notice the ads anymore.


I’d not be offended, like if I stole a 24kg of sand for whatever reason, and my friend told me what was up with me for getting sand instead of a PS5 (including the fact I broke law), I’d completely understand where it’s coming from. If i did nothing then that’s too far.


what the hell are you talking about


the only ad is dungeon dash lol, found the dude who made it

fr this sucks

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My ad block wasnt working for a day, and i just choulnt be on the site cause i chouldnt see a dam thing

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this it what you get when you give all the power of your "community" run website to one person and he sells out. Enjoy it fuckers. XD

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@ZennanZennan my single adblocker works just fine lol


@SizzylSizzyl might be the matter of browser you're using, I'm on edge and not a single ad got through so far.

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i see alot of complaining about ads here. its sort of funny.

Meanwhile, just go download Brave browser they block ads fingerprinting default to stop scripts etc easy peasy

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Originally posted by RetroUpriser Meanwhile, just go download Brave browser they block ads fingerprinting default to stop scripts etc easy peasy

The issue is that you have to do something like this to be able to use the site normally. You missed the point of the thread, mister.

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Damn bro, you got the whole squad downloading Brave,504x498,f8f8f8-pad,600x600,f8f8f8.jpg


i mean it is a solid browser.

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Yeah but it still shouldnt be necessary to have a useable website.

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